National Police Remembrance Day 2016

In 2016, National Police Remembrance Day is being held throughout Australia and the Southwest Pacific on Thursday, 29 September.

National Police Remembrance Day is a significant day of commemoration where people can reflect on each individual police force and remember those officers killed on duty. It provides an opportunity to honour all police who have given their lives serving the Australian and Southwest Pacific communities.

The National Police Memorial, located in Canberra, was completed in 2006 with the names of 719 fallen officers inscribed on a wall of brass touch stones. The touchstones include the officer's rank, name, jurisdiction and place and date of death. The names of officers killed in the preceding year are added at each National Police Remembrance Day Service.

Fortunately this year no Australian police officer has been killed on duty. The National Police Memorial carries the names of 757 police officers killed on duty since Constable Joseph Luker of Sydney became the first police death on duty in Australia in 1803.

National Police Remembrance Day was instigated in April 1989 during the Conference of Commissioners of Police of Australasia and the South West Pacific Region. It was unanimously agreed the service would be held on 29 September, the feast day of Saint Michael (the Archangel) Patron Saint of Police. Where 29 September falls on a weekend, alternate arrangements are made.

More Information

The 2016 National Police Remembrance Day Service will take place at the National Police Memorial from 4.30pm on Thursday 29 September, at Kings Park, near the National Carillon. Members of the public are welcome.

Consult your State police home pages for arrangements for services in state capitals and regional areas throughout Australia.