Gateway 3 - Entry Physical Competency Assessment (EPCA)


Individuals wishing to prepare for the EPCA should secure the assistance of a professional fitness instructor and/or view the preparatory guide and fitness videos.

Individuals will require different amounts of time and effort in training to successfully pass an EPCA. Some individuals may require more than three months of consistent training where others may only need a week so we recommend you start training early.

Contact AFP Recruitment in the event that difficulty is experienced when attempting to access information.


The AFP Entry Level PCA informs the medical model and provides an assessment of an individual's baseline level of fitness to support the inherent operational requirements of policing.

The active measures of the EPCA include abdominal strength (phase sit-up test), push-up endurance test and multi-stage shuttle run test (beep test).

Applicants selected for Recruit Training (Federal Police Development Programs, Federal Police Lateral Programs and Protective Service Officer Programs) and IDG Pre-deployment Training (IDGPT) will be required to participate and pass all components of the EPCA as part of the selection process for entry to the AFP College. The EPCA requires participants to pass all components of the EPCA within one testing session.

For all recruitment EPCAs, a medical certificate from a doctor is required. Medical certificates have a validity of three months from the date of issue. The link below will allow you to download the medical certificate that is required for all recruitment EPCA testing.

All recruits take part in a rigorous training program at the AFP College that includes a physical exercise component. It is expected that applicants who attend the AFP College will increase their level of fitness during their training and therefore prior to graduation, all recruits must pass another PCA that includes an increased number of valid push-ups and is considered the standard AFP PCA level.

PCA Information and Medical Certificate (PDF, 35KB).

Fitness Standards (active measures)

Abdominal Strength (phased sit-up test)

All participants are required to successfully complete level 4.

Upper Body Muscular Endurance Test (push-up test)

All participants are required to complete 15 valid push-ups (males) / 8 valid push-ups (females).

Multi-Stage Shuttle Run (beep test)

All participants are required to successfully complete level 6.05 of the multi-stage shuttle run.