Career choices

Specialist and non-policing roles

"The breadth of work is fantastic and there are so many opportunities working for the AFP. You get a taste of every type of forensic work."
Jo Lee, Team Leader, Biology, Forensics
The AFP has many specialist and non-policing roles which range from corporate and operational support to intelligence, scientific and technical roles.
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Federal Agents

"I didn't expect the responsibilities and opportunities so early in my career, but there's such a huge variety of work in the AFP."
Kylie Ford, Counter Terrorism, Jakarta
From terrorism to corporate crime and from people smuggling to drug trafficking, AFP Federal Agents prevent and detect crimes against Commonwealth law.
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Protective Service Officers

"I'm always doing something different, always learning and always growing. The AFP is such a great organisation to work for, with such a diverse range of people, who are all so supportive."
Amanda, Protective Service Officer
PSOs perform a range of protective security functions at Commonwealth establishments around Australia, providing an armed uniform capability at these government sites and diplomatic missions.
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Community Policing

"It's such a fantastic organisation to work in and it offers so many opportunities. You can specialise if you want to, or study or go overseas. The opportunities are boundless once you know the basics of policing."
Leanne Close, Deputy Chief Police Officer, ACT Policing
As a member of Community Policing, you can make a positive difference to the lives of people in your local community.
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Lateral transfer from another police service

"Everyone is so approachable and they really show an appreciation for the skills I have been able to bring across from other organisations."
Craig, Operational Safety Trainer, International Deployment Group
During a lateral intake, the AFP welcomes applications from Australian state and territory police forces who possess at least two years contemporary policing experience and who have been separated from their last operational policing role for no longer than three years.
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Speakers bureau

The AFP Speakers bureau is a national program that provides presentations and talks to Community groups, schools and universities about employment opportunities in the AFP.
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Career snapshots

This months profile is Rachael Kennedy, a Fingerprint Examiner. After beginning her career as a food and water tester for the health department, Rachel now loves her challenging role and plays an integral part in a wide range of investigations.

"I get a lot of job satisfaction from solving crime in my own community. There is nothing better than being part of an investigation that has put a stop to a run of crime in the suburbs."
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