Protective Service Officers

"Within the first two weeks I was helping to look after the Cambodian Prime Minister. There is so much variety, like being on duty at Parliament House and being part of the Diplomatic Protection Unit."
Amanda, Protective Service Officer

Montage of PSOs on dutyProtective Service Officers (PSOs) are employees of the Australian Federal Police and play a vital role in protecting all Australians.

PSOs perform a range of protective security functions at Commonwealth establishments around Australia, providing an armed uniform capability at these government sites and diplomatic missions.

After 14 weeks live-in training in Canberra, work as a Protective Service Officer may involve:

  • static point guarding
  • visitor control
  • alarm monitoring and response
  • mobile patrols
  • security consultancy services
  • security training to government agencies
  • support for international peacekeeping forces.

Protective Service Officers are located at Commonwealth establishments including Parliament House in Canberra; the residences of the Prime Minister and Governor-General; foreign embassies and missions in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and Defence facilities around Australia.