Intelligence information

The Intelligence function is responsible for the production of both criminal intelligence and national security intelligence relating to:

  • people smuggling
  • illicit drugs  
  • human trafficking and sexual servitude
  • economical and/or financial
  • counter-terrorism
  • high-tech crime
  • child sex tourism.

Intelligence officers (IOs) are generally a mix of sworn and unsworn employees. Some IOs are career intelligence officers while others bring contemporary operational experience to the function as a way to. enhance their skills and widen their career choices within the AFP.

IOs engage in the collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of intelligence to support corporate intelligence objectives, including managing specific intelligence cases/projects. IOs are responsible for ensuring a seamless flow of intelligence to and from key stakeholders and clients, and supporting the production of strategic, operational and tactical intelligence in accordance with the AFP Intelligence collection requirements.

Intelligence support officers (ISOs) are generally unsworn members. These positions provide a base entry level opportunity for people looking to pursue a career in law enforcement intelligence. ISOs provide assistance to other team members in the collection and generation of intelligence to support corporate intelligence objectives. They conduct basic inquiries as well as collect, collate and analyse intelligence under the supervision of other team members. ISOs are encouraged to undertake appropriate internal and/or external training to equip them with skills to advance into the IO or Analysts areas.