Women in the AFP

We recognise that diversity creates a stronger and more effective organisation. All employees bring a range of experience, knowledge and insight, which is why we focus on maintaining a diverse workforce, where women are not limited in the roles they can perform.

Women in the AFP take on roles right across the organisation - in positions as diverse as frontline policing, forensics, search and rescue, training, security, community patrols, counter terrorism, national and transnational investigations, international liaison and overseas peacekeeping and capacity-building missions.

To ensure women are supported in the AFP, we have established the National Women's Advisory Network.  The Network offers support to women in the AFP and advises AFP Management on issues affecting women in policing.

We are also an active participant of the Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP) — a peak body which aims to improve the policing services provided to women, improve the opportunities and outcomes for women within policing, and participate in the global network of women in policing.

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We aim to be an employer of choice. We offer a wide range of career options and promote work/life balance.

The AFP recognises the benefits its female officers bring the organisation, its workforce and the community in which it polices, which include:

  • productivity;
  • creativity; and
  • innovation.

Research has shown that there are numerous other benefits associated with increasing the number of sworn females in police forces, such as:

  • increased organisational performance;
  • greater corporate transparency and improved ethical orientation;
  • increased creativity and motivation to succeed;
  • less complaints;
  • reduced reliance on use of force; and
  • better utilisation of human assets.

In return, there are many benefits to women who join the AFP, including:

  • diverse career opportunities at the local, national, and international level;
  • first-hand and direct ability to help people and the community;
  • working as part of a team in a dynamic, response environment;
  • improved confidence;
  • stable job with a generous income;
  • flexible work conditions, including generous maternity leave provisions and part-time arrangements;
  • working for an organisation that values women and has a women's network among other workplace associations and initiatives.

Female officers are a necessity in effective policing organisations as they can often diffuse a confrontational situation merely by their presence. They can multitask, think logically and offer a different view point.

The AFP encourages career progression of its female employees and we currently have 16 women  in Senior Executive roles including 3 Assistant Commissioners.