Bali bombing: Six 'face' images released

Release Date: Sunday, November 17 2002, 12:00 AM

The joint Australia Indonesia police investigation team has today released six images of persons wanted for questioning in relation to the Bali bombings.

The six people have emerged as suspects as result of recent investigations, Commander of the Australian team, Federal Agent Graham Ashton, said in Bali today. While some of them were known to police before the arrest of Amrozi, the chief suspect's confession has provided a much clearer picture of their involvement. There is also other corroborating material lending weight to Amrozi's assertion in relation to the involvement of these people.

Federal Agent Ashton said that the investigation team believes it now has a much clearer picture of the various roles these people took in the bombings.

"We are again appealing to people who were in Bali around the time of the bombings and who recognise these men to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and people outside Australia with information can contact the AFP via email links on our website," Mr Ashton said.

Image No 1: Dulmatin, aka Amar Usman, a 32 year-old Javanese Arabic man, 172cm tall, weight 70kgs, brown complexion. Image of Bali bombing suspect
Image No 2: M Ali Imron, aka Alik, a 30 year-old Javanese man, 155cm, 48kgs, brown complexion, slight build. Image of Bali bombing suspect
Image No 3: Umar, aka Patek, a 35 year-old Javanese Arabic man, 166cm, 60kgs, brown complexion. Image of Bali bombing suspect
Image No 4: Idris, aka Jhoni Hendrawan, aka Gembrot, a 35 year-old Malaysian man, 165cm, 75kgs, brown complexion, large stomach, puffy face. Image of Bali bombing suspect
Image No 5: Imam Samudra, a 35 year-old Sudanese man, 170cm, 70kgs, brown complexion, thin moustache, usually wears a hat and carries a laptop computer. Image of Bali bombing suspect
Image No 6: Umar, aka Wayan, a 35 year-old Flores, NTT man, 168cms, 70kgs, dark brown complexion. Image of Bali bombing suspect

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