Media Statement: Response to media reporting in relation to alleged 2Day FM threats

Release Date: Tuesday, December 11 2012, 04:38 PM

The AFP is aware of media reporting in relation to alleged threats made against 2Day FM.

Cyber-crimes involving individuals and businesses are generally investigated by the relevant state or territory police, in accordance with established Memorandums of Understanding (MOU).

Although the AFP does not investigate such matters, the AFP acknowledges it can be devastating for victims, and encourages anyone who receives threats and/or violently abusive emails, to contact their local state or territory police.

As part of the AFP's role in investigating crimes committed against the Commonwealth, the AFP’s Cyber Crime Operations investigates alleged offences against Part 10.7 of the Criminal Code Act 1995. This includes significant computer intrusions such as distributed denial of service attacks, unauthorised access or modification of computer systems belonging to national infrastructure, government departments or financial institutions.