Blue Line: AFP response to reporting on people smuggling matters

Release Date: Tuesday, June 05 2012, 12:00 PM

People smuggling offences are treated very seriously by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Since September 2008, 14 alleged organisers have been arrested, including five organisers who have been sentenced to up to seven years jail. Other alleged organisers are currently before the court. Most recently, four alleged Australian-based organisers were arrested in March 2012.

The AFP has a number of significant investigations currently ongoing, continuing to target organisers and people involved in people smuggling ventures in Australia and overseas.

The AFP has a long standing policy of not confirming or denying who is or is not subject to ongoing investigations.

However, the AFP can confirm it was aware of information contained within the ABC Four Corners Program ‘Smugglers Paradise’ prior to its broadcast. This information forms part of the AFP’s ongoing enquiries.

It would not be appropriate for the AFP to comment further on its intelligence, operational activity, and methodologies as it may jeopardise ongoing matters.

The AFP works collaboratively with foreign and domestic law enforcement partners to combat people smuggling in the region.

The AFP assesses all information on its merits in relation to possible investigations into people smuggling.

Anyone who has information they believe may be relevant to people smuggling activities is urged to contact the AFP. This information will be fully assessed, with a view to it potentially forming part of future investigations.

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