Media Release: New smartphone app launched today to help find missing children

Release Date: Wednesday, November 28 2012, 08:15 AM

A new smartphone application has been developed to help Australian parents work with law enforcement agencies to assist in finding their children if they go missing.

As a joint Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) initiative, the Australian Police Child ID application allows families to store photographs and vital information about their children on their mobile phone. In the devastating event that a child goes missing, this information can be immediately provided to authorities.

AFP Commissioner Tony Negus said this application is a welcome initiative to help build a safer community for children.

“With the busy holiday period just around the corner, the likelihood of a child going missing increases,” Commissioner Negus said.  “In the unfortunate event that a child does go missing, families can immediately provide their child’s information to police. By receiving this information so quickly, police will have an enhanced ability to find missing children and remove them from potentially dangerous situations.

The AFP works closely with its partner agencies such as the FBI, both domestically and internationally in this area to bring children home safely.

The application, which is available at no cost for iPhone and Android phone users, also includes safety advice, check lists for parents and emergency contact phone numbers for quick and efficient access.

U.S. Ambassador to Australia Mr Jeffrey L. Bleich said he is pleased to see such strong collaboration between the FBI and the AFP with the development of the Australian application.

“U.S. law enforcement will continue to work closely with Australian counterparts on future projects, especially those with the aim of keeping our children safe,” Ambassador Bleich said.

“Time is of the essence, in the event your child were to go missing, every second counts, and this smartphone app will provide police the chance to expedite their search.”

Anyone with information relating to a missing child should contact their local police or contact the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre on 1800 000 634 or email [email protected] .

For more information on missing persons, you can visit .

This application is available to download from local application providers.

Important note: The FBI, the AFP nor iTunes are not collecting or storing any photos or information that you enter in the app.  All data resides solely on your mobile device unless you send it to authorities. Please read your mobile provider’s terms of service for information about the security of applications stored on your device.

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