Media Statement: Firearm licence status of Man Haron Monis

Release Date: Thursday, December 18 2014, 11:22 AM

On the morning of Tuesday 16 December the AFP provided a brief to the Prime Minister regarding Man Haron Monis holding a registered firearms licence.

The AFP has since confirmed that Mr Monis was not a registered firearms licence holder. NSW Police have since confirmed that there is no record of Mr Monis ever having held a firearms licence.

The information provided at the time was based on a manual entry in the National Police Reference System in the category of ‘Firearms licence Holder’. 

The National Police Reference System is a consolidation of person of interest information provided by all police agencies which is managed by CrimTrac on their behalf. It enables policing jurisdictions to share their information and integrate with their local police systems. It supports police and other law enforcement agencies by providing key reference data to support first responders, investigators and analysts.

The AFP has been working closely with CrimTrac, federal and state partners to establish the source of the entry, and to identify any shortfalls within the current system.

The AFP fully supports yesterday’s review announced by the Prime Minister, and will cooperate with all requirements.

The AFP would like to highlight that this incident is also subject to a Coroner’s critical incident investigation, a criminal investigation and an internal assessment.

All aspects of the incident relating to the AFP will be considered as part of these reviews and investigations. While these processes are underway, it is not appropriate for the AFP to provide further comment.

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