Media Release: AFP discontinues its proceeds of crime investigation in relation to Schapelle Corby

Release Date: Thursday, March 13 2014, 06:35 PM

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has discontinued its investigation into whether Schapelle Corby can be pursued under the literary proceeds provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

The AFP discontinued this investigation after the circumstances of this matter changed and have impacted the likelihood of Ms Corby undertaking a paid interview. In recent weeks, Indonesian authorities have clearly outlined that any such interview would be in breach of Ms Corby’s parole conditions and could result in her parole being revoked. Any possibility of an agreement has now been superseded by these additional parole conditions.

In light of this and particularly given the significance of the Indonesian authorities’ recent decision to prohibit Ms Corby from giving any interview whilst on parole, the AFP has determined that continuing an investigation is no longer warranted.

This decision does not mean that the original concerns that initiated the investigation were not well founded.

The AFP advised Channel Seven and its legal representatives of this decision this afternoon and will now arrange the return of all relevant documents at a mutually convenient time.

The finalisation of this investigation and the return of these documents do not affect ongoing proceedings in the Federal Court. While this process continues, it would not be appropriate for the AFP to comment further.

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