Media Release: Chinese partnership to investigate methamphetamine flow to Australia

Release Date: Monday, November 02 2015, 05:47 PM

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Chinese National Narcotics Control Commission (NCCC) have today launched a joint taskforce focused on the investigation of organised criminal syndicates responsible for the exportation of methamphetamine into Australia.

AFP Deputy Commissioner Capability Ramzi Jabbour met with the NNCC Director General HU Minglang in Guangzhou today to formally establish Taskforce Blaze, which aims to collate significant intelligence relating to concealment methods, trafficking routes and syndicates facilitating methamphetamine imports from South-East China into Australia.

The taskforce will be based in Guangzhou and will consist of AFP members in China, the NNCC, the Chinese Anti-Smuggling Bureau (ASB) and Guangdong Public Security Bureau (GPSB).

Deputy Commissioner Ramzi Jabbour welcomed this opportunity to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries, especially in combatting transnational organized crime syndicates seeking to profit from importing drugs into Australia.

“Australian law enforcement agencies are aware that methamphetamine is a serious threat to the Australian community, and the AFP is focused on continuing to work closely with both national and international partners to stop this drug making its way to the community,” Deputy Commissioner Jabbour said.

Taskforce Blaze is China’s first international partnership, which is strong testament to the positive relationship shared between the AFP and its Chinese law enforcement colleagues.

The Joint Agency Taskforce will operate in accordance with the AFP National Guideline on International Police to Police Assistance in Death Penalty Situations.

“To successfully combat methamphetamine in Australia, the AFP’s long-term strategy has been to target the offshore transnational organized crime syndicates targeting Australia and we cannot do this without the help of our international partners. This taskforce will build upon the existing intelligence sharing arrangements to strengthen the cooperation and abilities of law enforcement in the region.” 

Taskforce Blaze will operate for an initial six month trial period, when it will be reviewed with the hope of continuing the partnership.

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