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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is the primary law-enforcement agency at the 10 major Australian airports: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Law-enforcement in Australia's aviation environment includes deterring, preventing and responding to threats of terror, investigating serious and organised crime in the aviation sector and performing a uniformed policing role.

AFP activities in the aviation environment include:

  • targeting organised crime in the air stream
  • deterring acts of terrorism
  • providing a uniformed policing presence
  • providing first response to acts of terrorism and emergency incidents
  • collecting and analysing aviation intelligence
  • conducting investigations.

The AFP works closely with state and territory police services, Commonwealth Government agencies, airport operators and airlines to coordinate action against terrorist and other criminal threats to Australian aviation safety and security. This may include working closely with other areas of the AFP such as the AFP Operations Coordination Centre, Intelligence, Protection, Serious and Organised Crime, and Crime Operations.

Aviation function

The AFP's presence at each airport includes:

Airport Police CommandersAFP officer speaking to a member of the public at the baggage carousel

Airport Police Commanders (APCs) are in place at all 10 major airports. They are responsible for the coordinated command and control of aviation security and policing activities in partnership with federal and state government agencies and private sector organisations.

Airport Operations

Airport Operation officers provide a uniformed policing and counter terrorist first response presence at the 10 major Australian airports — Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Canine teams work in conjunction with other elements of the AFP airport operations to deliver a coordinated, highly visible law enforcement capability to detect, deter and mitigate threats to our aviation environment. Find out more...

Air Security Officers

Air Security Officers (ASOs) are specially trained AFP officers responsible for the containment or resolution of high-risk security incidents on Australian domestic and international flights. ASOs maintain an armed in-flight response and resolution capacity in the event of an attack. Find out more...

Joint Airport Intelligence GroupAFP officer on patrol with a dog

Joint Airport Intelligence Groups (JAIGs) collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information and intelligence relating to both criminal activity and threats to security in the airport environment. JAIGs are made up of representatives from the AFP, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service , and local state or territory police.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Australian Crime Commission, Department of Agriculture, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation also provide staff to these teams as necessary. Find out more...

Joint Airport Investigation Teams

Joint Airport Investigation Teams (JAITs) investigate serious and organised crime in the aviation sector, focusing on the 10 major airports. These teams are based at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth international airports and can be deployed to any of the major airports. JAITs include representatives from the AFP, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and state and territory police.

These teams work together within the airport environment to help reassure the travelling public and prevent criminal and terrorist-related activity within the airport. Find out more...

Crime Prevention Liaison Officers

Crime Prevention Liaison Officers (CPLOs) act as conduits between the AFP and aviation industry partners and stakeholders for all matters relating to law enforcement and security issues within the aviation environment. They support the Airport Police Commanders in all major airports.

Regional rapid deployment capability

The regional rapid deployment (RRD) capability delivers the AFP's counter terrorist first response function at Australia's regional airports. The RRD capability provides a highly visible presence by deploying to regional Australian airports, responding to emerging situations and conducting airside and landside patrols. Find out more...

131 AFP

If you require a police presence at an airport, or wish to report an incident or provide information, please call the AFP on 131 AFP (131 237).


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