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The AFP is dedicated to preventing all Australians from becoming victims of online crime by empowering them to use technology safely and responsibly.

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Parent, carer, teacher resources



ThinkUKnow Australia is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft Australia, ninemsn and Datacom which aims to raise awareness among parents, carers and teachers of the issues that young people face online. The website provides information on the technologies and applications young people use to have fun online, the risks they may face and how to stay in control, and how to report when things go wrong. There are also resources that can be downloaded, an e-newsletter, and a button for reporting abuse. Presentations for parents, carers and teachers can be booked through the website.

If you are interested in hosting a ThinkUKnow presentation at your school, please complete the booking form available on the ThinkUKnow website.

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AFP Cyber Safety presentations

AFP Cyber Safety presentations are delivered by the High Tech Crime Operations(HTCO) Crime Prevention team to primary and secondary schools, as well as to junior sporting and community groups. They seek to educate children on some of the risks encountered online with the aim of having fun whilst staying safe online. The talks incorporate videos to sensitively explore issues of sexting and online grooming, encouraging children to speak with a trusted adult and to report suspect behaviour using the "report abuse" button. The talks also highlight the importance of protecting your identity and reputation, and cover other important topics such as cyber-bullying, safe social networking and digital footprints.

If you would like a cyber-safety presentation delivered at your school, please email the
HTCO Crime Prevention team:

Youth resources

The HTCO Crime Prevention team also delivers student presentations in the ACT and the Sydney Metropolitan area. These presentations cover the legal and social issues associated with:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting
  • Online grooming
  • Reputation management
  • Privacy management
  • E-security

For enquiries about cyber safety and security presentations, please email the
HTCO Crime Prevention team:

As part of the ThinkUKnow program, ThinkUKnow Youth has been developed. This provides children and young people with useful information and advice, "how-to guides" on popular technologies and applications and a button for reporting online sexual abuse.

We have also developed a number of youth-specific factsheets:

The AFP works collaboratively with a number of organisations to provide community and sporting groups with information and advice on cyber safety and security. Some of the groups we have worked with include the Australian Bankers' Association, the Australian Senior Computer Clubs Association, Girl Guides NSW&ACT and the National Rugby League.

For enquiries about cyber safety and security presentations, please email the
HTCO Crime Prevention team:

Community resources

We have also developed a number of resources for community members:

Protecting your reputation online

Your online activity can affect your life off-line, such as future and current employment and personal relationships. Keep this in mind when updating your social networking pages, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Virtual Global Taskforce - Combating online child sexual abuse

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