Specialist Response Group

SRG Vision

"To provide dynamic specialist policing capabilities that are professional and flexible in support of AFP domestic and international operations"

Formation of the Specialist Response Group

The AFP Specialist Response Group (SRG) commenced operations on 1 July 2012 through the amalgamation of two policing elements within the AFP — the Specialist Response and Security Team (SRS) from ACT Policing and the International Deployment Group's Operational Response Group (ORG). The SRS was established in 2002 to address the specialist needs of the ACT. The ORG, established in 2005, has worked to fulfil the national and international specialist operational requirements of the AFP.

The SRG was formed as a result of recommendations from two separate internal reviews (Leahy and Beale Reviews), to consider a more efficient and effective operational model for the delivery of specialist policing services for the AFP.

The formation of the SRG provides the AFP and ACT Policing, with a centrally managed, one-stop-shop for mutually supportive specialist policing capabilities, including a coordination point for associated part-time capabilities across the AFP.


The SRG is the AFP's highly trained operationally skilled specialist policing capability.

The SRG provides the AFP with a professional, flexible and dynamic capability across three distinct operational areas. This includes community policing in the ACT, national support of the AFP's responsibilities and international support of the International Deployment Group's (IDG) capacity building missions and regional stability operations.

The unique skills and flexibility of the SRG enables the AFP to maximise its response to diverse operations by tailoring deployments to meet a range of operational requirements.

Tactical Response

  • Tactical Response Team - this is the Police Tactical Group (PTG) of the AFP, qualified to the National Counter Terrorism Committee (NCTC) PTG standard. The Tactical Response Team respond to high risk incidents, either through planned operations or emergency responses. The team's capabilities also include Tactical Water Operations.
  • Marksman Reconnaissance Team - provides rural reconnaissance, overwatch protection, urban and rural tracking, image capture and transfer and support to high risk search warrants and arrest. Marksmen provide intelligence from covert locations near suspect premises in rural environments. Marksmen are trained to be self-sufficient and remain concealed for extended periods. Marksman Reconnaissance Team members are qualified to NCTC Marksman standards and are qualified PTG operators.
  • Communications Response Team - provides tactical field communications to all SRG teams by responding to a range of specialist tasks to support other SRG capabilities.

Specialist Response

  • Police Negotiation Team - aims to achieve a peaceful resolution to a situation without loss of life, injury to any person or damage to property. The team supports SRG operations including meeting ACT Policing and national operational needs, counter-terrorism responses and assisting the Australian Government in responding to international incidents where negotiator skills are required.
  • Tactical Intelligence - engages in the collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of intelligence in support of SRG intelligence objectives. The team produces tactical, operational and strategic intelligence product in accordance with SRG intelligence collection priorities.
  • Dog Team - provides a general purpose response which is utilised for tasks including the search for offenders, missing people and physical evidence. The team is also used by ACT Policing and the wider AFP for crowd control, critical incident responses, drug detection and explosive detection.
  • Bomb Response Team - responds to a range of specialist tasks including counter terrorism and explosive recovery operations. Services provided include bomb appraisal, recovery of unexploded ordnances, search capacity for major events and response to explosions.

Targeted Operations

  • Targeted Operations - provides specialised capabilities in Public Order Management, Search and Rescue and Rapid Disaster Response. The team also maintains Specialist Support skills in support of AFP operations.
  • Maritime Team - provides specialist water and dive capabilities in support of AFP national and international operations, including evidence search, body search and recovery, tactical maritime and search and rescue. Maritime are equipped to provide swift water rescue, tactical boarding and proactive patrolling in support of ACT Policing and the broader AFP.
  • Air Support Team - comprised of aviation specialists who operate aviation based equipment in support of SRG operations. The team also delivers airborne skills maintenance training across SRG teams.
  • Medics Capability - comprised of SRG members who have completed an intensive field medic's course and have the skills required to provide clinical support to SRG operations and training.
  • Extended Capabilities Team - provides national coordination and standardisation of part-time and embedded specialist capabilities, including regional Specialist Support Teams, ACT Policing Operational Support Group, Public Order Management, Search and Rescue and SRG Medics. Extended Capabilities Team assist these capabilities by ensuring there is national consistency of operating procedures, training, uniform and equipment, enabling members to provide effective support to a range of local, national and international AFP policing operations.

Specialist Policing Command and Coordination

  • SRG Command, Coordination and Planning - undertakes command control and communication, manages incoming referrals, provides governance and business compliance and assists Major Incident Rooms and Forward Command Posts.
  • Training Team - facilitates SRG recruitment and coordinates the delivery of new member and ongoing specialist discipline training for SRG and the AFP's key partners. The Training Team also assists members to maintain the high level of health and fitness required for operations and overseas deployments.
  • Logistics - provides logistical support and assistance to all SRG teams operating locally, nationally and internationally.

How do I become a member of the SRG?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SRG, you will have to undertake a full AFP recruitment and selection process to first become a sworn police officer.

Any AFP member considering a role within SRG teams will be required to submit an application which addresses the selection criteria and meet selection gateways as outlined within the role description. All applicants will require a minimum of two (2) years contemporary AFP policing experience.

If you have previous policing experience with another state or territory police jurisdiction, but are not a current serving member of the AFP, you will not be eligible to apply for direct recruitment into the SRG.

For information or updates on AFP Recruitment please visit Jobs@AFP.