Community engagement

Community Liaison Teams

AFP Community Liaison Teams (CLT) have been established to help build positive, trusting and cohesive relationships with the community. Over time it is hoped this will help groups to increase their resilience to extremist behaviours, and create greater levels of social cohesion, resulting in the reduced likelihood of vulnerable individuals becoming radicalised. The CLTs are guided by the National Community Engagement Strategy.

National Community Engagement Strategy (NCES)

NCES objectives are to:

  • build trust and foster cooperation between the AFP, partner agencies and communities identified at risk
  • develop information sharing with other relevant organisations, leading to enhanced communication and decision making processes
  • provide support to AFP investigations through increased awareness of cultural, ethnic, religious and language programs
  • provide alternative narratives to extremist rhetoric
  • develop performance measures which identify gaps in community engagement, and provide solutions to remedy those gaps

The NCES is coordinated through the CLTs and focuses on collaboration with partner agencies within the Commonwealth and State and Territory’s to ensure a consolidated approach to community engagement.

The CLTs engage in partnership with groups, and government organisations who seek to support the community in the shared purpose of creating social cohesion and harmony.

Unity Cup

The Unity Cup is a joint AFP, Essendon, Kangaroos and Western Bulldogs initiative designed to unite Melbourne’s culturally diverse communities. The AFP’s involvement aims to strengthen relationships with the community and foster greater trust in law enforcement.

For more information, see: Media Release - Western Bulldogs, AJAX and Kangan Indigenous FC join 2011 Unity Cup

Download the Unity Cup 2011 Flyer (PDF,1.6MB) 

Email the Community Liaison Teams

Community Liaison Team
Australian Federal Police
110 Goulburn St
Sydney South NSW 2000

Locked Bag A3000
Sydney South NSW 1232

Phone: (02) 9286 4000
Fax: (02) 9286 4064

Email: CLTSO

Community Liaison Team
Australian Federal Police
383 La Trobe St
Melbourne Vic 3000

GPO Box 485G
Melbourne Vic 3001

Phone: (03) 9607 7777
Fax: (03) 9607 7781

Email: CLTMelbourne