Document categories

The categories of documents listed below are maintained by the AFP in a variety of formats. The documents include:

  • Accounting and budgetary records, including estimates, claims, payment records etc., held on files, in folders, on cards and in computer readable form
  • Annual plans for internal audit activity
  • Briefing papers and correspondence in relation to the Australasian Police Ministers' Council and the common police services, the Australasian and South-West Pacific Region Police Commissioners' Conference and South Pacific Chiefs of Police Conference
  • Briefing papers and submissions prepared for the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
  • Computer software and hardware product evaluations
  • Control registers concerning purchasing, official telephones, stores, assets, travel and internal services
  • Copies of computer hardware and software purchase and maintenance contracts
  • Correspondence on questions asked in Parliament, together with related replies
  • Correspondence received including Ministerials
  • Court documents and associated statements
  • Crime statistics and criminal investigation reports and associated documents
  • Forensic analysis reports (fingerprints, document examination and scientific) and associated documents
  • General correspondence and files
  • Internal control records, including working statistics and monthly reports
  • Internal working papers
  • Lost property reports and associated documents
  • Manuals for computer operations standards and procedures
  • Ministerial Directions in accordance with section 13 (2) of the Australian Federal Police Act 1979
  • Operational records covering infringement notices, statistics and associated reports
  • Organisation and staffing records, both manual and computerised, including organisation proposals, organisation charts, duty statements, lists of staff and establishment, position occupancy records
  • Personal records for all officers for whom standard personnel services are provided
  • Policy documents, including recommendations and decisions
  • Press statements and media releases
  • Procedures, instructions and guidelines
  • Register of relevant Cabinet decisions and submissions
  • Reports and associated working papers resulting from internal audit reviews
  • Reports to the coroner (death and fire)
  • Source listings of computer programs developed for the AFP's use
  • Staff recruitment campaign records
  • Subject indexes, nominal indexes and inward correspondence registers relating to departmental files

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