Public Interest Certificate (PIC) schedule

Under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2019 (Cth) the AFP has issued the following Public Interest Certificates (PICs) for the current financial year.

No. Procurement ID AusTender ID Date Issued Procurement Activity Title
004 20210238 RFT 3 - 2022 01/12/2021 The Supply of Semi-Auto Rifle Platforms (PDF, 925KB)
003 P220001 RFT 1-2022 30/07/2021 The supply/provision of a Telecommunications Interception and Surveillance Device Platform (PDF, 1MB)
002 P220002 RFT 2-2022 23/07/2021 The supply/provision of a Universal Tracker Platform (PDF, 620KB)
001 AFP 2017-18 006 RFT 7A-2018 19/04/2019 Operational Voice Communications Solution (PDF, 340KB)

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