AFP business satisfaction survey

The AFP Business Satisfaction Survey (BSS) was conducted annually between 1999 and 2018 to gauge satisfaction with the AFP's performance in working with its stakeholders.

The target respondents were external stakeholders and partners who had dealt with any business area of the AFP within the past six months. This provided a wide-ranging group comprising people from over 500 law enforcement, government and non-government organisations across Australia and from over 50 other countries.

The most recent survey was conducted in 2018. A total of 859 stakeholders completed the survey (a response rate of 45 per cent).

A location profile was derived from the respondents nominating where their most recent interaction with the AFP occurred. The result was 47 per cent in the ACT, 32 per cent in regional city offices and airports and 21 per cent offshore. This reflects the concentration of AFP staff in Canberra (with national headquarters and the ACT community policing arm based there), as well as the geographical coverage across Australia and the AFP international network and missions.

In 2018, 90 per cent of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their recent dealings with the AFP. Satisfaction levels again exceeded the target of 85 per cent specified in the AFP Corporate Plan for National Policing (90 per cent), International Operations (92 per cent) and Protection (94 per cent) activities.

Satisfaction levels were highest for respondents from private industry (92 per cent) and lowest for those from other policing agencies (88 per cent) and the not-for-profit sector (85 per cent). However, all these satisfaction levels met the target of 85 per cent.

Analysis of feedback from the survey showed that the professionalism of our officers (96 per cent), good communication (92 per cent) and collaboration (88 per cent) were the main positive features in working relationships. The most common suggestions for improving results were decreasing the response time to stakeholders and improving internal communication within the AFP to ensure consistent messages are given to stakeholders.

Ongoing reforms to the AFP’s performance framework have resulted in this metric no longer being required.  As a result stakeholder satisfaction has been retired as an external performance measure and will not be run in 2019.

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