AFP service charter for the Australian community

This service charter sets out the services provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the standard to which we will perform these services. It tells you how to give us feedback and details our commitment to report on these services and regularly review our performance.

This charter applies to everyone who has contact with the AFP, including those organisations that refer matters to us for investigation.

The charter has been developed in consultation with the staff of the AFP and other key stakeholders.

Separate service charters have been developed for:

These charters are available from AFP National Headquarters in Canberra and at all regional offices throughout Australia.

Who we are

The AFP is the Commonwealth's primary law enforcement agency. A number of offices are maintained in each State and Territory throughout Australia, and also overseas.

Additionally, the AFP performs community policing services in the Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay, the External Territories and at Australia's major airports. It is at these locations that the AFP has a uniformed presence, and also when performing our peace-keeping role for the United Nations.

Our vision and mission is to fight crime together and win by providing dynamic and effective law enforcement to the people of Australia. The seven values which underpin all our activities are:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Trust
  • Respect

Further details regarding the AFP can be found in our Annual Report.

What we do

We investigate crimes against the Commonwealth and the national interest. Of primary importance is the fight against terrorism and transnational crime, illicit drug trafficking, serious fraud, people smuggling, major and organised crime and money laundering.

We also play a critical role in ensuring the physical safety of many people including internationally-protected persons when they are in Australia, certain holders of high Commonwealth office, and participants in the National Witness Protection Program.

We are given special references from the Government which include services such as assistance with United Nations peace-keeping roles and other forms of direct international policing and training.

The AFP recognises that we cannot unilaterally counteract all emerging criminal threats. We collaborate and cooperate extensively with other law enforcement bodies, both nationally and internationally, in the investigation of crimes against the Commonwealth and the exchange of criminal intelligence.

The AFP has a range of international networks in place with other agencies, as well as AFP International Liaison Officers located strategically around the world. We also keep the peace, preserve safety, and investigate crimes against the laws of the ACT, Jervis Bay and the External Territories.

Your rights

As a client of the AFP you are entitled to:

  • have the confidentiality of your personal information maintained;
  • rights consistent with Commonwealth anti-discrimination and disclosure of information laws;
  • request personal information or other information under Freedom of Information provisions (note that some fees and/or charges may apply);
  • seek reasons for a decision and, where appropriate, a review of that decision; or
  • make a complaint.

The standard of service you can expect from the AFP

The AFP is committed to providing services of a high quality and to providing these services fairly and with integrity.

The AFP recognises the diverse nature of Australian society and seeks to ensure that the provision of services is appropriate to the needs of clients.

The nature of investigating criminal activity makes it difficult to provide specific timeframes for completion of the investigations that we undertake. We will however advise relevant parties at reasonable intervals of the progress of investigations, except where this might jeopardise the investigation.

You can expect us to:

  • firmly and fairly uphold the laws of the Commonwealth, ACT, Jervis Bay, Norfolk Island and the Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, within available resources, and in accordance with our priorities model;
  • be professional, impartial, fair, honest and reasonable in our dealings;
  • provide you with advice and information that you can rely on;
  • be accountable for our work and answerable for the outcomes within our control.

The AFP's performance against these standards is measured and reported annually in a number of forums including the Annual report.

What we need from you

To assist us in achieving this, we need you to:

  • abide by the law;
  • report crimes against the Commonwealth, for example social security fraud (claims for benefits where people are not entitled) or corruption by public officials;
  • come forward if you witness a crime in the ACT, Jervis Bay, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island or the Cocos (Keeling) Islands;
  • report any suspicious circumstances to us;
  • provide us with advice and information that we can rely on;
  • work with us to protect the safety of people and property, and safeguard public monies from fraud;
  • be honest and reasonable when dealing with us.

Feedback on our performance

If you have any comments or suggestions about the level of service that the AFP provides, please let us know. Your feedback may be provided to us in a number of ways:

Feedback on our provision of service to Commonwealth agencies is provided via the Business Satisfaction Survey.

What to do if you have a complaint

The AFP values your right to make a complaint. We are committed to fair, and where possible, timely complaints resolution and adherence to laws and standards which govern the handling of complaints. The AFP Professional Standards portfolio is responsible for the oversight and investigation of all complaints received by the AFP. The Commonwealth Law Enforcement Ombudsman provides an oversight capacity in relation to complaints made about the AFP.

A complaint can be made to any member of the AFP. Complaints can also be made by telephoning or writing to:

For more information, see the Complaints page.

Review of the AFP service charter

The AFP is committed to monitoring and reporting on its performance. We will regularly review this service charter as part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality client service.

The AFP invites comments from clients, stakeholders and AFP employees as part of the review process.

The AFP will publish information annually, based on internal monitoring and review, of the charter's effectiveness and external audit in that period. This information will appear in summary form in the AFP's Annual Report.


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