Information Publication Scheme


Part 2 of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for Australian Government agencies subject to the Act. The IPS commenced on 1 May 2011 and requires the AFP to publish a broad range of information on this website. The AFP is also required to publish a plan that explains how they intend to implement and administer the IPS.

You can find out more about the Information Publication Scheme at the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

The IPS underpins a pro-disclosure culture across government, and transforms the freedom of information framework from one that is reactive to individual requests for documents, to one that also relies more heavily on agency driven publication of information. The IPS requirements also reflect the objective that information held by government is a national resource to be managed for public purposes.

The IPS requirements are intended to facilitate and promote public access to information promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost.


The IPS plan describes how the AFP proposes to implement and administer the IPS in respect of its own information holdings.

Who we are

Appointments of officers of the agency that are made under Acts (other than Australian Public Service employees within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999) – such as appointment of statutory office holders.

What we do

AFP functions, including its decision making powers and other powers affecting members of the public (or any particular person or entity, or class of persons or entities)

Our reports and responses to Parliament

AFP annual reports

Information that the agency routinely provides to the Parliament in response to requests and orders from the Parliament

Routinely requested information

Information in documents to which the agency routinely gives access in response to requests under Part III (access to documents) of the FOI Act, except information that is otherwise exempt.

AFP operational information

Operational information held by the agency to assist it to perform or exercise its functions or powers in making decisions or recommendations affecting members of the public – or any particular person or entity, or class of persons or entities – for example the agency's rules, guidelines, practices and precedents relating to those decisions and recommendations.

Optional information

In addition to the information published under s8(2) the AFP is required by s8(4) to publish further information that will progress the objects of the FOI Act.


The FOI contact officer can be contacted about access to the agency's information or documents under the FOI Act.

Freedom of Information
Australian Federal Police
GPO Box 401
Canberra City ACT 2601

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