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Disclosure Log ref no. FOI request ref no. Date access granted to applicant Scope of request (summary) Documents have been archived, please contact FOI team above Date to be removed from web-site Other information #
15/2015 2015/426 26/6/2015 Students of Sustainability Protest March  for aboriginal Sovereignty (PDF, 7MB)   26/6/2016  
16/2015 2015/341 8/7/2015 Correspondence of 9 December 2013 concerning an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of Talus Street Reserve Trust (PDF, 600KB)   14/7/2016  
17/2015 2015/496 13/7/2015 The CCPM assessment of the referral relating to allegation that officials paid people smugglers in an asylum seeker turn back operation (PDF, 160KB)   13/7/2016  
18/2015 2015/511 13/7/2015 Assistance provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to the Government of Sri Lanka and/or their associated entities (PDF, 2MB)   28/7/2016  
19/2015 2016/36 29/7/2015 Documents relating to crime statistics for Kambah Pool and Pire Island between 1st January 2015 to 30th June 2015 (PDF, 1MB)   3/8/2016  
20/2015 2015/198 17/7/2015 Executive/ministerial briefing notes and attachments, reports, and correspondence, including letter and emails, since 01.10.2014 relating to the investigation into the Balibo Five and the decision to discontinue it (PDF, 27.5MB)   16/7/2016  
21/2015 2015/410 10/7/2015 Apprehensions (arrests) and offences for: prohibited items, prohibited weapons at a screening point and offences/disorderly behaviour on an aircraft at and in relation to Canberra Airport in the last two years (PDF, 1MB)   3/8/2016  
22/2015 2015/404 29/7/2015 Audit report completed in December 2013 into the control of specialised equipment in the AFP and any attachments reports which indicate how many pieces of specialised equipment have been lost or misplaced or unaccounted from  June 2013 to April 2015 (PDF, 7MB)   10/8/2016  
23/2015 2015/405 14/7/2015 Audit into secondary employment and conflicts of interest which were tabled T at the AFP Audit Committee meeting in September 2014 (PDF, 14MB)   11/8/2016  
29/2015 2016/37 28/8/2015 AFP biannual statistic reports to the Minister of Justice on assistance provided by the AFP to foreign law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in possible death penalty cases (PDF, 8MB)   8/9/2016  
30/2015 2016/70 26/82015 The CCPM assessment referral relating to allegations against IHMS (PDF, 550KB)   16/9/2016  
31/2015 2016/125 1/10/2015 Statistics relating to number of ComCare claims by AFP employees for years 2013 and 2014 (PDF, 1MB)   7/10/2016  
32/2015 2016/52 15/9/2015 Inappropriate use of mobile phone at Sydney International Airport (PDF, 4MB)   9/10/2016  
33/2015 2016/77 2/10/2015 Operation Apolune situation reports

Documents released
  • Part 1 (PDF, 11MB)
  • Part 2 (PDF, 10MB)
34/2015 2016/59 15/10/2015 Part 12 of the AFP Commissioner's Order on Operational Safety (CO3) (PDF, 500KB)   22/10/2016  
35/2015 2016/150 23/10/2015 Information regarding offences committed at Sydney Airport, exclusively those related to the possession of a prohibited weapon (including airport screening points) for a period of two years including the weapon in possession (PDF, 600KB)   30/10/2016  
36/2015 2016/41 24/09/2015 Documents relating to AFP decision not to launch a proceeds of crime action against former Gunns chairman John Gay (PDF, 2MB)   24/09/2016  
39/2015 2015/497 23/09/2015 Documents relating to the arrest of a minor in 2005 for forged documents (PDF, 450KB)   23/09/2016  
40/2015 2015/438 29/09/2015 Case Summaries relating to "Offensive/Disorderly behaviour on Aircraft" since 1/1/2011.

Documents released
  • Part 1 (PDF, 29MB)
  • Part 2 (PDF, 28.5MB)
41/2015 2016/93 21/10/2015 Last five 3LA warrant applicant sought by AFP (PDF, 2MB)   21/10/2016  
42-2015 2016/17 16/10/2015 A report in relation to cases for the 2014-15 financial year whereby recruits of AFP College have been either disqualified from completing the course or place on subsequent course due to injuries. Courses to include both Federal Police Development Program and Protective Service Officer Program (PDF, 500KB)   4/11/2016  
43-2015 2016/117 2/11/2015 Documents held by AFP relating to John Warwick (PDF, 2.6MB)   2/11/2016  
44-2015 2016/154 16/10/2015 RFT 65-2010 – Supply, implementation and support of an investigations, intelligence and incident management solution (PDF, 850KB)   12/11/2016  
45-2015 2016/106 21/10/2015 Referrals received from Department of Defence for period 1 January 1995 – 31 August 2015 regarding fraud related matters (PDF, 2MB)   12/11/2016  
46-2015 2016/226 17/11/2015 Statistics on police attendance to Hester place, Chisholm, ACT (PDF, 650KB)   17/11/2016  
01-2016 2016/219 16/12/2015 Documents held by the AFP regarding Australian citizen Matthew Stewart (PDF, 7MB)   29/1/2017  
02-2016 2016/244 16/12/2015 Request for all emails sent to Google for requests for user data from September 2014 to present date (PDF, 200KB)   29/1/2017  
03-2016 2016/242 23/12/2015 Request for documents relating to the collection of genetic data from Genetic Services providers (GSPs) by the AFP, specifically the number of times the AFP sought genetic data from GSPs over the past five years; the number of times AFP has successfully obtained genetic data from GSPs over the past five years and the number of prosecutions that have included the use of data obtained from GSPs (PDF, 450KB)   29/1/2017  
06-2016 CRM 2016/266 28/1/2016 All documents/photos/CCTV relating to inappropriate relationships (i.e. romantic, unethical) between police and criminals since January 1st, 2013. If more than 10 incidences with CCTV are located, limit to 10 offences against the person whereby there is no pending legal action (PDF, 9MB)   1/3/2017  
07-2016 2016/202 5/11/2015 Any manual on the Suburban Policy Strategy, statistics on the Suburban Policy Strategy outcomes: individual stopped; move-on directions etc... (PDF, 1.5MB)   3/3/2017  
08-2016 2016/131 30/10/2015 All documents in relation to Operation Hitch including:
  • All documents relating to requests from foreign law enforcement agencies for assistance in death penalty situations; and
  • Any other documents setting out decision-making by the AFP for provision of information to Chinese law enforcement for offences to which the death penalty applies.
All documents relating to requests from foreign law enforcement for international police-to-police assistance in death penalty situations received on the following 7 dates (as per the biannual reports to the Minister):
  • 1 May 2014; 23 May 2014; 26 May 2014; 2 June 2014; 6 June 2014; 1 July 2014 and 18 July 2014.
09-2016 2016/329 29/1/2016

Every joint protocol for cooperation and/or Memorandum of Understanding for sharing intelligence and/or law enforcement information with any government agencies of the following countries;

  1. Argentine Republic;
  2. Republic of Colombia
10-2016 2016/180 6/1/2016

"(a) all current and applicable referenced legal entitlement/s written as AFP policy, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or other written agreement, or written contract between the  Australian Federal Police ("AFP") and The Department of Human Services ("Human Services") enabling private information (including, but not limited to, correspondence, email, photographs, records, information, data, reports, transmissions, recordings, transcripts, images or telephony) relating to, or about, or in association with or as it may apply to Edward Thomas John Mitchell ("the applicant"), to be obtained from, or supplied to, or exchanged with AFP.

(b) all current and applicable referenced legal entitlement/s written as AFP policy, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or other written agreement, or written contract between the AFP and any person or entity enabling private information (including, but not limited to, correspondence, emails, photographs, records, information, data, reports, transmissions, recordings, transcripts, images or telephony) relating to, or about, or in association with or as it may apply to Edward Thomas John Mitchell ("the applicant"), to be obtained from, or supplied to, or exchanged with AFP.

(c) a compliance statement or record regarding any; inability to locate or, loss or, deletion or, disposal or, destruction of any information or part of that should have been included in AFP's FOI responses to the applicant's FOI request described in paragraphs marked (a) and (b).

11-2016 2016/415 5/11/2015 Reports since 1 January 2014, including briefing notes and attachments in relation to:
  1. Findings of internal audits commissioned by the AFP; and
  2. Findings of external audits commissioned by the AFP.
12-2016 2015/459 11/8/2015
  1. All correspondence between the AFP, Indonesian National Police and National Narcotics Board of Indonesia in relation to Bali Nine members Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in the two periods April 2005-April 2006 and April 2014-May 2015; and
  2. Correspondence between the AFP, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Minister relating to Bali Nine members Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in the two periods April 2005-April 2006 and April 2014-May 2015.
13-2016 2016/123 12/1/2016 ...copies of all AFP statistic reports provided to the Minister of Justice since 1 July 2013 to the date of this request (PDF, 24MB)   3/3/2017  
14-2016 2016/345 11/4/2016 Copies of all minutes from meetings with NSWPOL and/or NSWCC regarding Operation Gymea, Operation Mocha and Operation Rhodium dating from 1 December 2004 onwards (PDF, 1MB).   31/5/2017  
15-2016 2016/261 15/4/2016
  1. Documents relating to complaints made against AFP employee for the time period that he has been employed by the AFP.
  2. All documents that the AFP produced relating to Bronwyn Bishop and the Minchin Protocol.
  3. All documents sent between the two parties Scott Rush and the AFP, relating to a drug tip-off.
16-2016 2016/524 17/5/2016 Any documents which detail income derived from ACT Policing's user pays policy from 1 January to 31 December 2015 (PDF, 500KB)   31/5/2017  
17-2016 2016/366 8/3/2016 Final report/post operation reports or similar regarding Operation Isogon (PDF, 1MB)   31/5/2017  
18-2016 2016/395 15/3/2016 Summary of expenditure in relation to monies spent by the AFP on the MH-17 recovery mission (PDF, 500KB)   31/5/2017  
(Updated on 17 Jun 2016)
CRM 2015/418 4/6/2015 Documents relating to the unauthorised leaking of the Office of National Assessments report "Iraq:  humanitarian dimensions" and the subsequent AFP investigation into the unauthorised leak of the report (PDF, 3MB)   17/6/2017  
20-2016 2016/583 16/6/2016 Copy of NBN Co's referral to the AFP relating of media leaks in November/December 2016 (PDF, 1MB)   27/6/2017  
21-2016 2016/582 16/6/2016 Diary notes and Case Note Entry in relation to the time interviews commenced and finished on 19/20 May 2016 with NBN staff over leaks from NBN to ALP or media (PDF, 1MB)   27/6/2017  
26-2016 2017/3 8/8/2016
  1. The number of guns owned by each of the 100 registered gun owners in the ACT who own and/or possess the highest number of guns (excluding firearms dealers and collectors)
  2. the postcodes of each of the 100 registered gun owners in the ACT who own and/or possess the highest number of guns (excluding firearms dealers and collectors).
  3. The total number of registered guns in the ACT (excluding firearms dealers and collectors).
  4. The numbers of registered guns and registered gun owners in each postcode (excluding firearms dealers and collectors).
  5. The largest number of firearms owned by a single person in each postcode (excluding firearms dealers and collectors).
27-2016 2017/3 8/8/2016 Stolen firearms for the years: 2013 to2014 and 2014 to 2015 (calendar years) for the ACT   7/8/2017  
28-2016 2017/13 8/8/2016 The original complaint regarding a text message sent on July 2 purportedly by Medicare about Medicare   7/8/2017  
29-2016 2016/488 8/8/2016 Executive and ministerial briefings (incl. attachments) mentioning investigations into the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), the Health Services Union (HSU), the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and current and former trade union officials   11/8/2017  
30-2016 2016/447 11/8/2016 All material produced in relation to actual or suspected criminal activity involving a Australian citizen in Vietnam   15/8/2017  
31-2016 2016/568 26/8/2016
  1. 'Final Report into the joint investigation by the Australian Federal Police and the Department
         of Defence called Operation MAJORCA dated late 1999 or 2000,' or a title in a similar fashion.
  2. The letter(s) of transmittal that accompanied the final report.
  3. I also request any media releases or ministerial statements relating to its final release dated
        late 1999 or 2000.
  4. From the Register of documents or a similar some such "control" can you advise
    1. on what day the report was presented to the Office of the then Commissioner of the AFP.
    2. on what day the report was presented to the Office of the then Responsible Minister/s.
    3. on what day the report was transmitted to the Department of Defence.
32-2016 2016/472 26/8/2016 The contract referred to as “CN764971-A20” between the Commonwealth (as represented by the AFP) and Point in respect of the Project and any other contract between the Commonwealth and Point in respect of the Project.   9/9/2017  
33-2016 2017/028 16/9/2016 All current incoming Government briefs.   19/9/2017  
34-2016 2017/16 15/9/2016 Documents relating to sexual assaults at Canberra Universities   15/9/2017  
35-2016 2016/570 13/9/2016 Documents relating to policies and procedures in relation to telecommunications data retention   13/9/2017  
36-2016 2016/587 13/10/2016 Request for documents in relation to airport security breaches   13/10/2017  
37-2016 2017/30 27/10/2016 Costs in relation to the new AFP forensic facility in Canberra   27/10/2017  
38-2016 2017/152 21/10/2016 A copy of file number 2015/00011727 Citizenship Loss Board – AFP Participation   21/10/2017  
39-2016 2017/107 3/11/2016 Statistics relating to arrests at Melbourne Airport concerning prohibited items   3/11/2017  
40-2016 2017/160 4/11/2016 Request for guidelines, presentations, policy statements, legal opinions, memoranda and briefs related to Operation Pacifier from January 2014 until 21 September 2016   4/11/2017  
41-2016 2017/188 10/11/2016 Request for documents detailing income derived from ACT Policing’s user pays policy for the period 1 January to 30 June 2016 for special events, including documents detailing numbers of attendees per event and associated Police recovery costs   10/11/2017  
42-2016 2017/87 11/11/2016 Request for internal correspondence, such as emails, memos, letters, executive or ministerial briefing notes and attachments, diary entries, photos and CCTV between 22 and 24 August 2016 relating to raids of Parliament house.   11/11/2017  
43-2016 2017/219 17/11/2016 Request for FOI delegations and any related directions.   17/11/2017  
44-2016 2017/173 18/11/2016 Request for records regarding Contract Notice View CN416934.   18/11/2017  
45-2016 2017/199 18/11/2016 Request for LPP protocols.   18/11/2017  
46-2016 2017/148 18/11/2016 Request for all diary notes from AFP officers stationed on Nauru that mention sexual assault allegations on Nauru or training in relation to the handling of sexual assault allegations on Nauru for the period 1 June 2015 to 16 September 2016.   18/11/2017  
47-2016 2017/103 28/11/2016 Correspondence held by the AFP that pertains to the progress of a referral by the Department of Defence to the AFP mentioned in a SMH article on 22 April between 20/4/16 to 29/8/16.   28/11/2017  
48-2016 2019/197 6/12/2016 All advice or reports provided to the Justice Minister and the Attorney-General surrounding the classification of lever action shotguns.   6/12/2017  
49-2016 2019/187 14/12/2016 Request for the circular and briefs relating to compliance issues in Family Day Care for the period 1 February 2015 to 11 October 2016.   14/12/2017  
50-2016 2017/272 14/12/2016 Request for documents described as an “oath” document or similar that is signed by an AFP officer.   14/12/2017  
51-2016 2017/86 3/1/2017 AFP documents relating to Operation Taupe.   3/1/2018  
52-2016 2017/108 3/1/2017 Documents, such as incident report, executive or ministerial briefing notes and attachments, photos and CCTV since 1 January 2015, relating to arrests and changes following incidents at Parliament House.   3/1/2018  
53-2016 2017/17/265 23/12/2016 Request for documents in relation to performance appraisals conducted on AFP Management.   13/1/2018  
54-2016 2017/205 17/1/2017 Request for documents in relation to the use of pistols to destroy animal, and possession and use of suppressors   17/1/2018  
01-2017 2017/204 10/2/2017 Request for documents in relation to assistance provided to Indonesia for the purpose of combating migrant smuggling   10/2/2018  
02-2017 2017/259 6/2/2017 Request for final reports/case summaries in relation to prohibited importing of firearms from 1 December 2015 to 1 December 2016.   6/2/2018  
03-2017 2017/200 15/2/2017 Request for Papua New Guinea-Australia Policing Partnership (PNG-APP) Phase 4 Weekly Mission Reports for the period January to August 2014.
Request for email correspondence between the AFP Mission Commander and AFP head office in Canberra for the same period relating to diplomatic relations between Australian and PNG in the context of the Regional Resettlement Arrangement signed in July 2013 by Kevin Rudd and PNG Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill.
04-2017 2017/323 21/3/2017 Request for documentation that provides detail into the processes about how the AFP handles forensic DNA data, including once the DNA data is no longer needed for investigations, nationally and internationally   21/3/2018  
05-2017 2017/274 31/3/2017 Documents in relation to ACT Policing members who hold and/or are facing criminal charges/convictions   31/3/2018  
06-2017 2017/363 11/4/2017

The number of cases from January 2015 to current;
* where information has been provided by the AFP, either voluntarily or in response to a request for assistance, to foreign law enforcement agencies or officials prior to detention, arrest, charge or conviction where the AFP is aware that provision of information is likely to result in the prosecution of an identified person for an offence carrying the death penalty;
* where requests for police-to-police assistance have been refused by the AFP in the circumstances outlined above;
* where information has been provided by the AFP to foreign law enforcement agencies or officials after a person has been arrested or detained for, charged with, or convicted of any offence which may attract the death penalty;
* where requests for police-to-police assistance have been refused by the AFP in the circumstances outlined above.

Information is also sought on the nature of the charge, as outlined in the biannual reports to the Minister.
07-2017 2017/316 24/4/2017 I am seeking information relating to countering violent extremism (CVE) programs. Specifically, I am seeking:
* Any reports and/or evaluations and/or analysis and/or reviews of countering violent extremism programs and/or any other early intervention programs and/or initiatives aimed at preventing terrorism produced over the past 12 months.
Please note the initiatives we are interested in include, but are not limited to:
* The National Disruption Group.
I advise I am not interested in duplicate copies of documents or documents that have already been publicly released or media releases, media articles, media statements or talking points.
08-2017 CRM 2017/484 26/4/2017 Document in relation to crime data in Australian Capital Territory   26/4/2018  
09-2017 2017/439 23/4/2017 Request for professional standards investigation findings in relation to AFP officers since December 2015   23/4/2018  
10-2017 2017/483 12/5/2017 Request for statistics regarding the 2015/2016 annual reports to the Minister for Justice setting out statistics on information sharing in death penalty cases with foreign law enforcement.   12/5/2018  
11-2017 2017/514 17/5/2017 Request for sexual assault statistics since 1 May 2015 which led to police prosecution.   17/5/2018  
12-2017 2017/527 22/5/2017 Request for information regarding the risk assessment procedures used by Police in incidences of family violence.   22/5/2018  
13-2017 2017/371 26/5/2017 Request for documents relating to the incidences of multiple voting in the 2013 and 2016 Federal Elections


14-2017 2017/485 30/5/2017 Request for raw crime data for the ACT in relation to assault, property damage, robbery and burglary.   30/5/2018  
15-2017 2017/416 24/5/2017 Request for documents produced since 1 January 2012 showing information on the number of police officers, including a male to female ratio that have been tested positive for steroids including the type of drug and details of disciplinary action or resignation.   24/5/2018  
16-2017 2017/375 30/5/2017 Request for documents produced since 1 January 2015 relating to offences such as assaults or robberies, against the person committed at sea   30/5/2018  
17-2017 2017/322 8/6/2017 Request for documents in relation to facial recognition and social media monitoring   8/6/2018  
18-2017 2017/460 8/6/2017 Request for documents in relation to the misuse of PROMIS or RAPID systems by ACT Policing members   8/6/2018  
19-2017 2017/513 20/6/2017 Request for documents concerning Operation Rhodium/Mocha, in particular documentation concerning the red suitcase   20/6/2018  
20-2017 2017/503 22/6/2017 The notification to TID in relation to the unlawful access of a journalist's phone records set out by Commissioner Andrew Colvin on Friday 28 May   22/6/2018  
21-2017 2017/470 22/6/2017 All documents or correspondence relating to complaints about or internal investigations into the improper access or use of retained metadata by employees of the Australian Federal Police   22/6/2018  
22-2017 2017/469 5/7/2017 Any document prepared by the AFP summarising the impact of the 2016-17 Federal Budget on police operations   5/7/2018  
23-2017 2017/202 11/7/2017 Case summaries for the most recent 100 Aviation matters which involve the following confirmed incident types
  • Firearms/weapons incident
  • Prohibited weapons
  • Prohibited weapons at screening point
24-2017 2017/609 26/7/2017 Documents in relation to forced marriages in Victoria from January 2016 until May 2017   26/7/2018  
25-2017 2017/635 26/7/2017 Documents in relation to forced marriages in Victoria from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2016   26/7/2018  
26-2017 2017/584 2/8/17 Request for emails to and from the AFP Commissioner that relate to the Edwards Cultural Review into POCL   2/8/18  
27-2017 2017/517 2/8/17 Request for the Independent Review into the Proceeds of Crime Litigation Portfolio (less attachments)   11/8/18  
28-2017 2017/513 2/8/17 All correspondence between AFP officials and offices and the AFP media team relating to the breach of the TIA Act in the last two weeks of April.   2/8/18  
29-2017 2018/60 25/8/17 Documents in relation to Prince Harry's trip to Australia in June 2017   25/8/18  
30-2017 2017/546 21/8/17 Documents in relation to the proposals to have a corruption or integrity commission in the ACT   29/8/18  
31-2017 2017/545 26/3/18 Media strategy and enquiries and responses to media outlets regarding Operation Elbrus (re Michael Cranston)   26/3/19  
32-2017 2018/550 24/4/18 Copy of the CCPM assessment of the alleged unauthorised leak of information about the police raids on the AWU offices on 24 October 2017.   24/4/19  
33-2017 2017/465 3/5/18 Established findings in relation to investigations into alleged or possible misuse or excessive expenditure in relation to entertainment, accommodation, food and beverages and/or travel claims made by AFP officers assigned to protective duties overseas in the last two years.   3/5/19  
34-2017 2018/507 30/4/18 A summary document outlining the number of forced marriages investigated by the AFP in the state of Victoria by month from June 2016 until February 2018.   30/4/19  
35-2017 2018/567 20/6/18 Documents relating to process for reporting of child sexual abuse to ACT Policing   20/6/19  
1-2018 2018/435 24/7/18 Documents relating to the arrival of Schapelle Corby to Australia on 28 May 2017   24/7/19  
2-2018 2018/429 24/7/18 Documents relating to alcohol-related assaults in the ACT   24/7/19  
3-2018 2018/631 26/7/18 The number, and type, of illegal firearms seized by ACT Policing between April 2017 and March 2018.   26/7/19  
4-2018 2019/41 22/8/18 Request for all staff communiques regarding the recently announced change to the uniform guidelines relating to visible tattoos and all internal discussions forum postings that relate to the above mentioned policy.   22/8/19  
5-2018 2018/577 22/8/18 Briefings concerning the number of illegal or irregular immigrants prevented from boarding boats from Indonesia to Australia   22/8/19  
6-2018 2017/86 7/8/18 AFP documents relating to Operation Taupe   7/8/19  
7-2018 2018/634 15/8/18 AFP documents relating to previous FOI decision concerning Operation Taupe   15/8/19  
8-2018 2018/635 15/8/18 AFP documents relating to previous FOI decision concerning Operation Taupe   15/8/19  
9-2018 2018/636 15/8/18 AFP documents relating to previous FOI decision concerning Operation Taupe   15/8/19  
10-2018 2018/324 11/9/18 AFP hospitality declarations   11/9/19  
11-2018 2019/66 12/9/18 Case summaries in relation to serious misconduct and use of force made against ACT police officers for the past two financial/calendar years   12/9/19  
12-2018 2018/582 8/10/18 Documents relating to the Psyfari Festival on 23-25 February 2018 and Tech Yes event on 17-18 March 2018   8/10/19  
13-2018 2019/109 28/9/18 Documents relating to the acquisition of software tools from Kent Police (CN3231232)   28/9/19  
14-2018 2018/561 11/10/18 Documents relating to future/projected staffing demands on ACT Policing and projected crime rates in the ACT   11/10/19  
15-2018 2018/622 29/8/18 Request for any policy document, report or Executive brief detailing consideration given to the use of body worn cameras by ACT Policing Officers   29/8/19  
16-2018 2019/136 26/10/18 Briefings to senior AFP officers relating to meeting in Lombok on 5 August 2018   29/10/19  
17-2018 2018/575 26/10/18 Documents relating to the AFP's funding of the Indonesian National Police between 2009 and 2011   26/10/19  
31-2019 2020/77 25/11/19 Request for documents used for training on people smuggling at the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.   25/11/20
32-2019 2020/110 12/11/19 Access to information about all critical decisions for Operation Elaphiti and investigation team diary notes.   26/11/20
33-2019 2020/315 25/11/19 Request for disaggregated data categorised into indigenous/non-indigenous persons for persons taken into custody in the ACT between 22 October 2014 and 22 October 2019 pursuant to section 4 Intoxicated People (Care and Protection) Act 1994.   25/11/20
34-2019 2020/263 13/12/19 Request for documents including briefings to and from the Minister regarding the non-renewal of contracts for Leanne Close and Sue Bird and the discussions around the contract of Neil Gaughan. Request also any communications around the restructuring of the senior executive positions.   13/12/20
35-2019 2020/367 20/12/19 Request for documents comprising all correspondence between Ramzi Jabbour and John Lawler re Mohammad Haneef.   20/12/20
36-2019 2020/43 20/12/19 Access to information about Operation Rhodium and Operation Isogon.   20/12/20
40-2019 2020/372 16/12/19 Access to information about the AFP's Freedom of Information business rules, guidelines, manuals and templates.   16/12/20
41-2019 2020/84 19/12/19 Access to information about emails exchanged between a former AFP Commissioner and a former Herald Sun journalist.   19/12/20
42-2019 2020/363 2/1/20 Request for communications between the AFP media team and Home Affairs Minister's office in relation to a media enquiry regarding Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan's WhatsApp messages.   2/1/21
43-2019 2020/252 20/11/19 Request for the CETEC Professional Scientific Solutions document title 'Illicit Drug Contamination Assessment'.   20/11/20
44-2019 2020/346 17/1/20 Documents relating to authorised disclosure referral in relation to the information contained in the article 'taipei-ing through the nose for medi-tourist'.   17/1/21
45-2019 2019/622 20/1/20 Documents relating to allegations and/or criminal complaints alleging offences of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity or torture relevant to the conduct of activities in the conflict in Sri Lanka which concluded in May 2009.   20/1/21
46-2019 2020/204 and 2020/216 5/12/19 Documents relating to the Ministerial Direction issued by the Minister for Home Affairs to the AFP on 8 August 2019.   5/12/20
47-2019 2020/449 20/3/20 Request for access to the documents NSW Police referred to the AFP, regarding the NSW Police investigation into the alleged doctoring of a document by Mr Angus Taylor or his office.   20/3/21


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