Operational priorities

While the AFP has primary responsibility for investigating criminal offences against the Commonwealth, it does not have the resources to investigate all reports.

To ensure that limited resources are directed to the matters of highest priority, the AFP evaluates all matters in accordance with its Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model (CCPM).

The CCPM is important in giving effect to Ministerial Directions to the AFP and the AFP's Outcome/Output Statement. It is also a valuable tool for the AFP in making decisions to accept, reject, terminate, finalise or provide resources to operational matters.

It helps the AFP to compare and evaluate its operations from a range of perspectives, including across agencies, regions (geographic location) or teams (work groups). The CCPM also provides the AFP's clients with a basis for considering issues before referring them to the AFP.

Download: Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model as at December 2020 (PDF, 400KB).

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