Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model

How the CCPM is used

In determining which matters to prioritise, the AFP uses the Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model (CCPM) to consider major elements of an operation.

These include:

  • incident type and the impact of the matter on Australian society
  • the importance of the matter to both the client and the AFP in terms of the roles assigned to them by Government and Ministerial direction
  • the resources required by the AFP to undertake the matter

In determining whether the AFP,

  • continues to investigate a Report alleging criminal conduct, finalises it or refers it to another agency; or
  • provides or doesn’t provide a requested investigative service,

No single element of the CCPM is considered in isolation. Instead, the AFP considers a combination of the model’s Impact and Priority ratings. This is not based on a mathematical formula and does not supplant the discretion of decision makers.

The decision to continue investigating a Report or provide a requested investigative service is made by an Operations Committee on the recommendation of the National Operations State Service Centre (NOSSC). In making its recommendations, the NOSSC seeks to take into consideration the legitimate needs and expectations of its clients, partners and stakeholders. These needs and expectations are balanced against the AFP's own assessments of the criminal environment, derived through interpretation of the results of the AFP's Crime Management Strategies.

A CCPM rating is completed at the time of receiving the Report or Request for Investigative Service and is revised if any aspect of the matter changes significantly. As part of the finalisation process of any investigation, the CCPM is reviewed. If it differs from the original CCPM, a new CCPM is completed to reflect the final impact and priority of the matter investigated.

Download the Case Categorisation and Prioritisation Model as at December 2020 (PDF, 1MB).

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