National Police Remembrance Day 2017

National Police Remembrance Day

This year National Police Remembrance Day will be commemorated in all Australian police jurisdictions on Friday 29 September. An invitation is extended to current and former members of police organisations and the general public to attend Australia-wide services to honour those police who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Queanbeyan and Canberra services

A dawn service will begin at Queanbeyan Police Station at 5.30am and those attending the evening service at the National Police Memorial (NPM) are asked to be in place by 4.15pm. The NPM is located in Kings Park, near the National Carillon.

Members of all Australian police jurisdictions will march to the NPM from AFP Headquarters prior to the service. Those wanting to participate in the march must arrive at AFP Headquarters on Kings Avenue, no later than 3.15pm for a 3.50pm step off.

National Police Remembrance Day 2017 marchEngraved touchstones will be added to the NPM this year for Queensland Police Senior Constable Brett Forte. Another 11 names will be added during the ceremony retrospectively recognising one officer from Queensland, two from Tasmania and eight from New South Wales. Historical research has confirmed that these officers died in the line of duty between 1879 and 1950.

Event parking near the NPM service is accessible only from Constitution Avenue, Parks.

Services throughout Australia

Consult the National Police Memorial website for details of services in state capital and regional centres throughout Australia or email [email protected].

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