National Police Remembrance Day 2016

Wreath leaning against the police memorialTo mark the 10th anniversary of the building and commemoration of the National Police Memorial in Canberra, a police history display will be held at Kings Park prior to the 2016 commemorative service on 29 September.

From 2.00pm the largest number of historic police vehicles assembled in Canberra will be on display, supported by police history banner and video displays. In addition more than 200 police will march to the National Police Memorial across Kings Avenue Bridge arriving at 4.10pm. Attendees for the commemorative service are asked to be seated at 4.30pm.

National Police Memorial at sunsetNational Police Remembrance Day is a significant day of commemoration where people can reflect on each individual police force and remember those officers who have been killed on duty serving their Australian and Southwest Pacific communities.

The National Police Memorial was completed in 2006 and originally carried the names of all 719 Australian police officers who had given their lives in the line of duty up to that date. Each officer is remembered by metal ‘touchstone’ inscribed with the officer's rank, name, jurisdiction and the place and date of death. The names of officers killed in the preceding year are added at each National Police Remembrance Day Service.

This year’s service will add two names for the past year’s deaths on duty and another five historic nominations. The addition of these seven names brings the total number of officers listed on the National Police Memorial to 764. The first officer recorded as being killed on duty in Australia was Constable Joseph Luker of Sydney in 1803.

Consult your State police home pages for arrangements for services in the state capitals and regional areas throughout Australia.

View the 2016 National Police Remembrance Day Service poster (PDF, 4MB)

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