Repatriations and Funerals

AFP officers carrying a casketAFP Members frequently risk their own lives in community policing roles and police operations both within Australia and overseas. The loss of a member is felt deeply, not only by the family and friends, but also by all members of the AFP.

A key role within Recognition and Ceremonial (R&C) is to coordinate the ceremonial components of repatriations and AFP funerals. This is undertaken by trained Ceremonial Officers to ensure dignity and respect to fallen colleagues.

AFP officers standing by caskets of fallen officersAt the Commissioner's discretion, R&C may also coordinate or assist with:

  • State Funerals within the ACT
  • Memorial Services
  • and other funerals

Honouring fallen AFP members

The name of each AFP member killed in the line of duty is recorded in an honour roll at the AFP Memorial (PDF, 120KB) and the National Police Memorial. The AFP Memorial is located within the AFP College, Brisbane Avenue, Barton ACT. The Memorial was dedicated on 28 September 2001.

The Police Prayer

God of all people, we know it is from you that we have learned what goodness and justice are.

You have given us the task of maintaining law and order in our community.

We seek the strength to meet the many challenges encountered in this endeavor.

Give us the courage and the resolution to do our duty at all times, and such a respect and love
for justice that neither promise nor threat will ever make us depart from it.

Help us with your guidance to be the Guardian and the Friend of the whole community; a friend to children,
an example to youth, a counselor and adviser to all citizens.

Grant us the skill, and the wisdom, to make us always stronger in protecting and supporting the community.

Guide us in knowing when to enforce and when to relax the letter of the law.

Help us to be a personal example of the honesty, the goodness, and the justice which it is our duty to maintain,
and grant that our actions will inspire in our community confidence in its police officers.

We make our prayer to you, confident of your love and your compassion.


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