Women, Police and Peace

The Australian Federal Police welcomes you to our virtual exhibition, Women, Police and Peace.

This exhibition celebrates the critical role of women from the AFP in policing, peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations and marks the convergence of a host of important anniversaries in international peace and policing:

  • 75 years of the United Nations;
  • 60 years of United Nations Policing;
  • 25 years since the Beijing Platform for Action; and, of significant note for the AFP and Australia,
  • 20 years since the unanimous adoption of the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 – Women, Peace, and Security.

Resolution 1325 calls for a more peaceful and inclusive world, one that addresses the root causes of gender inequality – including harmful norms and inequitable structures.

We at the AFP have taken meaningful action to accelerate implementation of the women, peace and security agenda at home and internationally since the adoption of Resolution 1325 on 31 October 2000.

But, we are proud to say that this has also been business as usual for the AFP for over 40 years.

The AFP continues to work hard to achieve gender equality, and recognises that women have been full, active and effective members of the AFP since its inception.

This exhibition showcases some of the milestones, firsts and achievements of the many remarkable members of the AFP.  It is by no means exhaustive, but includes a snapshot of the myriad women who have contributed to the agency we are today.

The AFP’s history has always been one of evolution and we have proven ourselves many times, regardless of the challenges.  We have shown that when a policing agency embraces change, it can successfully shape and meet the challenges of the future.

We hope you enjoy this virtual exhibition!

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