AFP Bravery Medal

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The AFP Bravery Medal is awarded to individuals who have performed in the discharge of their duty, an act of bravery of a high order and placed themselves at substantial risk of personal injury.

The AFP Bravery Medal is considered for individuals who performed an act of bravery of high order. They will have moved from a place of safety to a place of danger in order to save or protect another person, persons or property, or for the success of a particular operation. In doing so they risked significant personal injury or their own life.

Established in 2012, the AFP Bravery Medal can be awarded posthumously and replaced the Commissioner’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. It is backdated to 2002.


The AFP Bravery Medal is antique silver featuring the Federation Star and Australian Coat-of-Arms superimposed over a mimosa wreath. Around the rim is the text ‘AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE BRAVERY MEDAL’. The award is surmounted by St Edward’s Crown and suspended from a straight suspension bar. The reverse of the medal has a spray of mimosa and above this the recipient’s name is engraved.

The ribbon is maroon, blue and white. These colours are representative of the traditional blue for police, red for danger and white for peace and purity, and compliment the colours of the Australian flag.


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