AFP Partnership Medal

  • Obverse side
    Obverse side
  • Reverse side
    Reverse side

The AFP Partnership Medal is awarded to members of external agencies who have provided a significant contribution to the AFP and its operations.

The Commissioner may award the AFP Partnership Medal to members of other agencies for significant contributions in support of the AFP and its operations.


The AFP Partnership Medal obverse has the AFP platypus symbol over the Southern Cross at centre. Around the rim is the text ‘AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE PARTNERSHIP’. The medal is ensigned with St Edward’s Crown symbolising the royal authority of Queen Elizabeth II in the Commonwealth. The reverse has a wreath of wattle, a plant which is known to survive drought, flood and adverse climatic conditions, which represents the resilience of the AFP workforce. Within this the recipient ’s name is engraved.

The ribbon features stripes in blue to represent the AFP, green and yellow to represent Australia and the Sillitoe tartan representing police forces around the world.

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