AFP Protection Medal

  • Obverse side
    Obverse side
  • Reverse side
    Reverse side

The AFP Protection Medal recognises ten years of diligent service as a Protective Service Officer, or as a sworn Police Officer or unsworn AFP employee working in a Protection capability since the amalgamation of the Australian Protective Service in 2004.

Service may be cumulative and across more than one protection function. A clasp is awarded at 20 years of service and every five years thereafter. The medal is awarded to eligible employees in addition to the AFP Service Medal.


The AFP Protection Medal is ensigned with St Edward’s Crown. The obverse bears the AFP platypus symbol, facing to the left superimposed upon the Roman numeral X, representing ten years’ service. The Federation Star is between the upper arms of the numeral X. Around the rim is the text ‘AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE PROTECTION’. The reverse bears a wreath of wattle at the bottom and space in the centre to engrave the recipient’s name.

The ribbon is that of the Australian Protective Service Medal awarded to Protective Service Officers between 1984 and 2004. It consists of a central blue stripe representing the traditional colour of police flanked by two white stripes symbolising integrity, blue/grey stripes symbolising uncertainty in outcome, and three gold and blue stripes representing Australia’s heraldic colours.


For AFP employees, this medal is automatically processed for issue by AFP Honours and Awards when all eligibility criteria are met. There is no need to apply.

For former AFP employees who wish to apply, contact AFP Honours and Awards

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