Frequently Asked Questions

General frequently asked questions can be found below. If your question is not answered below and you are a current serving AFP member look on the Recognition & Awards AFP Hub pages.

In what order are medals worn?

Information can be found on the Order of Wear page.

I need my medals mounted, who do I contact?

Most reputable medal mounters are well advertised in the local yellow pages.

I believe that I may be eligible for an award, how do I go about applying for it?

Awards for current serving AFP appointees are processed automatically and no further action is needed.

Former members will need to complete the National Awards Application Form and/or AFP Service Awards Application Form and send to

Note – we cannot request issue of national awards from Government House until after the applicant has meet the eligibility requirements.

Why is it taking so long to get my award?

From beginning to end the processing and issue of awards to the Honours & Awards (H&A) team takes an average of 12 weeks. Once the AFP internal awards are generally issued faster than national awards as they are administered and engraved in-house by H&A.

National awards are administered through H&A, but the awards are issued by the Governor General. Government House deal with a range of awards across a number of jurisdictions and due to this, it takes some time for national awards to be engraved and picked up.

Every appointee identified for an award is subject to a routine integrity check and/or a criminal records check before eligibility is confirmed. As other business areas within the AFP undertake these checks, the timeframes for completion are dependent on their current workloads.

Current serving members' awards are held by H&A until the Command's next scheduled dispatch, which occurs every three months.  H&A encourages the Commands to hold regular muster to allow for timely presentation of awards.

Former member's awards are mailed via registered post to their nominated address.

I am due to receive an AFP award from an Honours List, what do I do?

Awards announced in the Commissioners Honours List or Foundation Day Honours List are to be presented by the Commissioner in the first instance.  Commissioner's Award ceremonies are held in each of the regions based on the Commissioner's travel and availability.

Current members who are unable to attend the relevant ceremony will have the award dispatched to their Command for presentation at a muster. Former member's awards are mailed via registered post to their nominated address.

I've lost/had my award stolen, how do I get a replacement?

Email to advise the loss of the award along with a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances.

National awards will take longer to be replaced and, depending on the cause, may incur a replacement fee payable by the recipient.

I wish to apply for an award for a deceased family member, how do I proceed?

Applications for national awards and AFP awards can be made by the executor, administrator, guardian or next-of-kin. Supporting documentation must be provided at the time of the submission. For further advice, contact

Can I apply for my deceased relative’s medals?

Yes.  Immediate family members of a deceased member may request the issue of unissued awards.  Awards for deceased members which have never been issued, may be issued to the appropriate next of kin.

Persons listed below in the immediate family of the deceased member are entitled to be granted unissued awards.

Descending priority of entitlement:

  • Spouse/defacto spouse (relationship to the member at the time of death)
  • Child
  • Grandchild
  • Parent
  • Sibling

It is recommended the Next of Kin contacts AFP Honours and Awards.

Can I decline an award?

Yes.  Contact AFP Honours and Awards.

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