Frequently Asked Questions

General frequently asked questions can be found below. If your question is not answered below and you are a current serving AFP member look on the Recognition & Awards AFP Hub pages.

In what order are medals worn?

Information can be found on the Order of Wear page.

I need my medals mounted, who do I contact?

Most reputable medal mounters are well advertised in the local yellow pages.

I believe that I may be eligible for the National Police Service Medal, how do I go about applying for it?

If you believe you are eligible for this award an application form can be found here. Please be aware that these awards will be staggered in their release by Government House. Currently Government House are only striking medals for members who have 20 years or more of service.

Any members (current or former) with less than 20 years of service will be placed on a waitlist as per instruction from Government House. This is beyond our control and it is not possible to indicate when this award will be struck for those who have served less than 20 years. The number of people eligible for this award is continually growing so we ask for your patience with the process.

Why is it taking so long to get my award?

AFP Internal awards are generally issued faster than National Awards. Internal awards are administered through the Recognition and Awards Office on behalf of the Commissioner. National Awards are administered through the Recognition and Awards Office initially, schedules are then sent to Government House for awards to be struck. Government House deal with a range of awards across a number of jurisdictions and due to this, it takes some time for National Awards to be issued.

For every award identified, it takes an average of 2 to 3 working hours to process each eligible recipient (from beginning to end) and an average (not limited to) of 12 weeks to receive awards.

Every member identified for any award is subject to a routine integrity check and/or a criminal records check before eligibility is confirmed. Other business areas within the AFP assist us with these checks. The timeframes for checks to be completed are dependent on the workloads of the other business areas. Results of integrity checks confirm or negate eligibility. Members names eligible for National Awards are sent to Government House. Members names eligible for internal awards are sent to award producers. Recognition and Awards receives awards.

Former member's awards are mailed via registered post to their nominated address with a letter and delivery receipt. The delivery receipt is returned to Recognition and Awards to update records.

Current serving member's awards are held by Recognition and Awards until the next send out of awards. Send outs occur 3 times per year, in March, July and November. Awards are sent to Executive Assistants of National Managers/Office Manager's. Executive Assistants organise a muster for the presentation of awards. After the muster Executive Assistants return paperwork to Recognition and Awards who update the receipt records.

How National and Internal Service Awards are administered

  • Recognition & Awards (R&A) identifies member's possible eligibility for award
    R&A receives member's application
  • R&A calculates member's service, any periods of leave without pay/or not to count as service (NTCAS) and change in status (if any) to determine eligibility. Eligible members are scheduled for the award
  • Once a schedule reaches minimum numbers, all names on the schedule are sent for integrity checking
  • Results of integrity checks are disseminated to Team Leader R&A (Sensitive: Personal)
    • National Awards
      • Eligible member's names sent to Government House
      • Government House checks their records with information they have been sent
      • Government House confirms eligibility and strike awards
    • AFP Internal Awards
      • Eligible member's names sent to award producers
  • Awards received by R&A
    • Awards for former members
      • Awards mailed by registered post with letter and delivery receipt
      • Delivery receipt returned to R&A
      • R&A updates records
    • Awards for current serving members
      • Future date in March, July or November is entered as the received date into SAP. Award is stored with R&A until send out
      • Awards mailed out to Executive Assistants (EA's) to National Managers/Office Managers in March, July or November
      • EA's organise musters to have awards presented to members. After the muster EA's forward paperwork to R&A. R&A update records.

I am due to receive an AFP nominated award (Foundation Day Honours), what do I do?

Former members may be invited to attend relevant ceremonies for presentation. If you prefer your award to be posted, you will need to apply in writing, including your current postal address (PO box addresses are not accepted), and contact details to The award will then be sent via registered mail at the soonest available time.

Current employees will be invited to attend a ceremony in their region at the discretion of the Commissioner. Medals of this level may only be presented by the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner's or Chief Operating Officer, unless otherwise advised. If you are unable to attend the ceremony your award will be retained until the next suitable presentation.

I believe that I may be eligible for the Police Overseas Service Medal (POSM), National Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM), National Emergency Medal (NEM), AFP Service Medal, ACT Community Policing Medal. How do I go about being recognised?

Applications for the above medals can be found here. Although the majority of awards will be processed by the Recognition & Awards Team for serving members, it is highly recommended everyone take the time to submit a form where you believe you may be entitled. Former Members must submit the relevant application forms for consideration for recognition.

Are other clasps being considered for the POSM?

New clasps are periodically reviewed.

I am due to receive a service award (not a nominated award), what do I do?

Former employees need to complete an application for the relevant award and return it to Forms can be found on the Application forms page.

Current serving employees will need to email us if:

  • You’ve had a break in service.
  • You have not seen the award appear on your Insight (Click 'Career & Skills' then 'Medals and Awards') within 12 months of your due date.
  • You’ve changed your given name(s) or surname.

I wish to apply for an award, where do I find application forms?

Forms can be found on the Application forms page. Current members can also find these forms on AFP Forms. Please read nomination form information to determine if you are eligible to be recognised. Please note all applications are in the form of a statutory declaration. Conditions and requirements to the Statutory Declarations Act apply.

I've lost/had my award stolen, how do I get a replacement?

All awards require a statutory declaration/an application form. Please note: National awards have to be reapplied for through Government House and can take up to 6 months.

I wish to apply for an award for a deceased family member, how do I proceed?

Most applications include a caveat for the inclusion for posthumous members. Generally the application must be made by the Executor of the Will or direct Next of Kin as detailed in each nomination form. For further advice please contact Recognition & Awards.

I'm a retired member and wish to stay in touch/contact or become a member of the AFP Former Members Network, how do I go about this?

Email the Former Members Network at stating you would like to be sent a registration form.

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