Order of Wear

Order of Wear for National Awards

Order of Wear for AFP Internal Awards

The following Order of Wear has been established for the wearing of awards on the right-side of uniform or civilian attire, and includes correct positioning of bars and clasps

The Order of Wear is to mirror those awards within the Australian Honours System in so much that they are to be worn from left to right i.e. highest award closest to the heart and others following outward.

Court/swing mounted full size medals 95mm drop. Miniature medals 50mm.

  • Australian Federal Police Bravery Medal
  • Commissioner's Medal for Excellence
  • Commissioner's Medal for Innovation
  • ACT Community Protection Medal
  • Commissioner's Commendation for Bravery, this is now obsolete, but may be worn by serving awardees.
  • Royal Humane Society (Stanhope Gold) Medal
  • Royal Life Saving Medal
  • Royal Humane Society (Silver) Medal
  • Royal Humane Society (Bronze) Medal
  • Commissioner's Commendation for Conspicuous Conduct (95mm drop)
  • Commissioner's Commendation for Excellence in Overseas Service (95mm drop)
  • Commissioner's Commendation for Hazardous Overseas Service (95mm drop)
  • AFP Operations Medal (clasps sewn 2mm from base of ribbon, and 2mm apart for subsequent clasps)
  • ACT Emergency Medal; (clasps sewn 10mm from base of ribbon)
  • Australian Federal Police Service Medal (year bars worn 10mm up from base of ribbon, and replaced by subsequent awards – rosettes central to ribbon bar, and replaced by any subsequent /higher number rosette)
  • ACT Community Policing Medal
  • Australian Protective Service Medal
  • Other Jurisdictional Valour Medals, Commendations & Meritorious Service Medals
  • Other Jurisdictional Service Medals; and
  • Jordan International Police Training Centre Medal.

ROSETTES are all central and if multiple, then equidistant.

This Order of Wear may be varied from time to time.

Awards listed above will be worn in accordance with the National Guideline on Uniform and Standards of Dress.

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