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The United Nations Medal is an international decoration awarded by the United Nations (UN) to various international members for participation in joint international military and police operations such as peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts and disaster relief.

The United Nations Medal is a service medal. The United Nations awarded its first medal during the Korean War, 1950-53. Since 1955, additional United Nations Medals have been created and awarded for participation in many United Nations missions around the world.

Although the medal design remains the same for each award, the ribbon design varies for each United Nations operation.

Some of the UN missions to which AFP employees have deployed:

Country Mission abbreviation Mission Period
Cambodia UNTAC United Nations Transitional Authority to Cambodia 1992-1993
Cyprus UNFICYP United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus 1964–2017
East Timor UNAMET United Nations Mission in East Timor 1999
East Timor UNTAET United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor 1999–2002
Mozambique ONUMOZ United Nations Operations in Mozambique 1994
Namibia UNTAG United Nations Transition Assistance Group 1989-1990
Somalia UNOSOM II United Nations Operation in Somalia II 1993-1995
South Sudan UNMISS United Nations Mission in South Sudan 2011–2014
Sudan UNMIS United Nations Mission in the Sudan 2006-2011
Timor-Leste UNMISET United Nations Mission of Support to East Timor 2002–2005
Timor-Leste UNOTIL United Nations Office in Timor-Leste 2005-2006
Timor-Leste UNMIT United Nations Integrated Mission in East Timor 2006–2012


The United Nations Medal is a bronze medallion bearing on the obverse the representation of the United Nations symbol surmounted by the text ‘UN’ and on the reverse, the text ‘IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE’.

For more information about mission specific medal eligibility and the ribbon design visit UN medals (UN Peacekeeping website)


The United Nations Medal was established by the Secretary-General in 1966 for award, subject to the Regulations for the United Nations Medal (ST/SGB/119/Rev.1), to military personnel and civilian police who are or have been in the service of the United Nations.

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