Professional standards

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) operates in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. It is critical to the continued success of the AFP that the organisation maintains the confidence and trust of the Australian government, national and international partners and the Australian community which it serves.

Central to the confidence and trust placed in the AFP is the integrity and professionalism of AFP appointees and the ability of the organisation to prevent and counter fraud and corruption.

The term 'Professional Standards' relates to the expectations the Commissioner has of all AFP appointees and the functional area of the AFP that deals with professional standards issues.

These 'Professional Standards' of AFP appointees are underpinned by the AFP Core Values and the AFP Code of Conduct.

AFP Professional Standards is responsible for developing and maintaining the highest professional standards throughout the organisation including the oversight and investigation of complaints about the conduct of AFP appointees.

Minor complaints will be actioned by managers within the workplace and oversighted by Professional Standards.

Serious complaints will be investigated by the Professional Standards.

Complaints relating to corruption matters will be referred by the AFP Commissioner to the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) for appropriate action.

All complaints are subject to external oversight by the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Ombudsman and corruption matters are subject to oversight by the ACLEI.

Note: Any emails sent directly to AFP members regarding complaints may be blocked by the email filter and not responded to.


Professional Standards Operations Monitoring Centre Professional Standards Operations Monitoring Centre
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Canberra City ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 5127 2020
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