Australian Criminal Intelligence Model (ACIM) Strategy

Australian Criminal Intelligence Model (ACIM) Strategy 2017-2020

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Management and associated Strategy 2017-2020 defines criminal intelligence as insights and understanding obtained through analysis of available information and data on complex offending patterns, serious organised crime groups or syndicates and individuals involved in various type of criminal activities.

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The Australian intelligence landscape is comprised of state, territory and federal law enforcement agencies that operate within and across three separate but intersecting domains, national security serious and organised crime, and policing and community safety.

Our state, territory and federal governments have overlapping responsibilities with respect to how we respond to criminal intelligence at local and national levels. In delivering this response, all jurisdictions and the Commonwealth are dedicated to nationally consistent methodology for the management of criminal intelligence.

The Strategy provides an agreed set of common standards, best practices and information sharing protocols for management of criminal intelligence assets.

The Strategy provides a framework to harness and share our intelligence sharing with the appropriate underpinning technology, supportive policy and legislative frameworks. The Strategy mission, strategic objectives and underpinning principles guide us towards achieving our vision of intelligence partnerships for a safer Australia.

The Strategy was renewed in March 2017, and is an initiative of the National Criminal Intelligence Capability Committee (NCICC).

The NCICC is comprised of heads of intelligence from the following agencies:

  • Attorney General's Department
  • Australian and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency
  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
  • Australian Federal Police (AFP)
  • ACT Policing
  • Australian Security and Investments Commission
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection / Australian Border Force  (DIBP)
  • New South Wales Police
  • New Zealand Police
  • Northern Territory Police
  • Queensland Police
  • South Australia Police
  • Tasmania Police
  • Victoria Police
  • Western Australia Police

If it doesn't add up, speak up. Call the National Security Hotline - 1800 123 400.

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