Reconciliation Action Plan

AFP Reconciliation Action Plan - Summary Achievements


In 2021 the AFP established its First Nations Unit to progress and enhance the AFP’s reconciliation efforts. The First Nations Unit focusses on establishing sustainable partnerships that are innovative and adaptable to future changes in the AFP’s operational and political environment.

The successful completion of the 2018–2020 Innovate RAP displays the AFP’s dedication to a reconciled future in Australia. This achievement further outlines the organisation’s commitment to initiatives that promote national reconciliation, through employment, policing, cultural awareness and community engagement.

Along with a First Nations Champions at the SES 2 Assistant Commissioner level, an additional Assistant Commissioner was appointed as First Nations co-Champion to support the delivery of AFP First Nations initiatives.

ACT Policing continue to be actively engaged with the ACT’s First Nations community. This includes involvement in the Warrumbul and Galambany Courts to divert young offenders away from the Criminal Justice System.

All members are committed to strengthening policy, practices, and procedures when delivering initiatives with a First Nations focus. This includes the development of a targeted communication and engagement strategy to enhance the relationship with the First Nations community in the ACT.

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