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The AFP Library is responsible for providing open source information research and library services to the AFP in support of its national and international activities.

The Library collects resources in print and electronic form in the areas of law enforcement, organised crime, transnational crime, terrorism, national security, trafficking (drugs/human/firearms), cybercrime, investigations, criminal law and forensic science. In support of the AFP's role in providing community policing for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the Library also collects in the area of community policing, crime prevention and crime response.

Australian Federal Police Digest (AFPD)

The AFP Digest (AFPD) is a bibliographic database produced by the AFP Library that indexes and abstracts articles from published material on policing & law enforcement, and national security issues such as counter-terrorism, aviation security, protection, organised crime, cyber threats, border operations and intelligence capabilities from 1991 onwards. The index is available via subscription from RMIT Publishing.

AFPD aims to contribute to the development of essential skills, knowledge and research for enhanced decision-making and effective policing and law enforcement outcomes, for both operational agencies and academia students and staff.

In 1971, the 'Police Digest' began in printed form as a current awareness service under the former Commonwealth Police. The Australian Federal Police Digest was automated and expanded and is now available as an online database, either as a single subscription or as part of the Austrom compilation of Social Science, Law and Education Databases.

Australasian Libraries in the Emergency Sector (ALIES)

The AFP Library is a member of the Australasian Libraries in Emergency and Security (ALIES) Network. ALIES is a cooperative information network which aims to serve the common interests of law enforcement, emergency and security agencies throughout Australian and New Zealand by: exchanging knowledge, skills and resources; and providing expert information services.


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