Registration for Bali 2002 and Jakarta JW-Marriott 2003 survivors and victims’ next of kin

The AFP is coordinating contact between survivors and bereaved next of kin and US authorities involved in the United States Military Tribunal proceedings to prosecute Riduan Isomudin HAMBALI and his two co-accused for their involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings and 2003 Jakarta Marriott bombing.

We recognise survivors and bereaved next of kin (NoK) of victim/s have various wishes around ongoing contact from the AFP and other agencies. Some survivors and families may no longer wish for direct contact, and others may wish to maintain or to renew contact. We also recognise that the composition of families may have changed and that children of victims are now adults and may want to register their interest in receiving information.

We wish to provide survivors and NoK the opportunity to update their current personal details, and to nominate whether they wish to receive future contact from the AFP and US authorities. This will help us to ensure we clearly understand individual’ current wishes in relation to receiving information.

Survivors and bereaved NoK can register to opt-in to receiving updates from the AFP and/or the US Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Military Commissions and the Victim/Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) within the Office of Military Commissions. This opt-in process will also ensure we respect your wishes around contact/updates and provide appropriate consent for sharing of registered personal details with the US DoD, VWAP and the FBI.

If you are a survivor or bereaved NoK, please complete the below (10-15 minute) survey to ensure we have current details for you. Should your details change following this survey or if you have any questions please email

Thank you for taking your time to assist.

Access the survey

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