Benefits and conditions

For details of pay for staff within the AFP are in the AFP Enterprise Agreement and the AFP Executive Level Enterprise Agreement.

Entry Level Recruit – Police Officer

  • Receive $59,252 (per annum) during the 24 week live-in training.
  • After graduation your salary increases to $$61,480 (plus a 22 per cent composite allowance on top of this base salary where a flexible working pattern is required).

Entry Level Recruit – Protective Service Officer (PSO)

  • Receive $55,049 (per annum) during the 12 week live-in training program.
  • After graduation you will receive a 22% composite allowance. Incremental advancement will occur 12 months after the date of engagement.

Remuneration and certain entitlements may vary between categories of AFP employment depending on your work location, type of work, working pattern and access to flexible work opportunities. Refer to the AFP Enterprise Agreement.


The AFP has generous leave provisions that foster work/life balance and give you opportunity to rest and recharge.

  • 6 weeks (30 days) paid annual leave per year (with options to purchase additional leave, take leave at half pay and cash out leave)
  • 4 mandatory rest days per year
  • 18 days paid personal leave per year
  • 16 weeks paid maternity leave (after 12 months of service) for each confinement, and an additional 36 weeks maternity leave without pay
  • Paid long service leave after 10 years' continuous Commonwealth service, adoption leave and compassionate leave provisions are also available.

Additional benefits and information

The Australian Federal Police Act 1979 and other Commonwealth employment legislation establish the employment framework for all AFP employees while conditions of service and salary are set out in the AFP Enterprise Agreement.

The AFP offers many other benefits and opportunities to its employees, including:

  • comprehensive superannuation measures
  •  40-hour working week (subject to flexible working requirements)
  • career advancement and investment in your professional development
  • a team based work environment based on mutual respect and cooperation and free from discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • interesting and challenging work significant to the entire Australian community
  • active involvement with overseas law enforcement agencies, liaison posts in many countries, and international capacity building obligations

Probationary arrangements

Your ongoing employment will be subject to successfully completing probation which is a period of six months and will commence on engagement with the AFP.

During probation your suitability for employment in the AFP is assessed through training and on-the-job experience, your work performance and conduct.

Where aspects of poor work performance or conduct are sufficiently serious and/or not showing any sign of improvement, employment may be terminated.

Upon attestation from the college, ACT Police Officer and Federal Agent recruits have 12 months to complete a workbook assessment. Failure to complete this requirement may result in action in relation to underperformance.


As an AFP employees you can develop a career path that provides interest, challenge, growth and flexibility through mobility opportunities.

To ensure our workforce is in the right location at the right time to meet current and emerging operational requirements the Commissioner and/or his delegate may assign employees to different roles and/or geographical locations to meet organisational priorities at particular times.

ACT Policing officers are deployed initially to Traffic Operations for two weeks, and then to one of the five police stations for a minimum period of 12 months (whilst a Constable).

While preferences will be taken into account, the ultimate deployment location will be based on the AFP operational priorities at the time.

Work/life balance

The AFP provides and maintains as far as practicable a flexible work environment that enables all employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

A policy has been developed that outlines flexibility in the workplace is a responsibility shared by the AFP, leaders and employees.

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