FAQ: Employment Suitability Questionnaire

How does the AFP form its decisions on an applicant's employment suitability?

All applicants are assessed against the AFP Character Standards.

The guideline provides the AFP with a consistent, fair and transparent framework to assess the character suitability of applicants for employment with the AFP.

It reflects the AFP Commissioner's expectations that all AFP appointees must act with the highest level of integrity both on and off duty. 

Should an applicant fail to meet the AFP's character standards, the applicant may be excluded for a period of time. The exclusion periods indicate a period of time from the offence listed which an applicant would need to show good conduct before being reasonably considered for employment within the AFP.  

AFP Recruitment has advised that I have been deemed unsuitable to progress in my application due to failing the integrity gateway. Is there an avenue for feedback on why I did not progress and can I appeal the decision?

Specific feedback is not provided on why you have not successfully passed the integrity gateway of the AFP recruitment process. However, you may seek further information via a Freedom of Information application.

Once a decision not to proceed with an application for employment with the AFP has been made, it is final and there is no course for internal review. Applicants may still seek external review of the decision not to proceed with an offer of employment by an application to the Federal Magistrates' Court or the Federal Court under section 5 of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1982 (Cth) or via the Australian Human Rights Commission if you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of your criminal record.

I have a number of declarable associations. What information does the AFP require me to provide when answering that question?

Provide as much detail as you know on the person/s you are declaring such as full name, date of birth, reason why you believe they are a person/s  that may be/present a conflict of interest and how often you interact with them.

Since obtaining my licence I have lived in three states. Am I required to provide a traffic history for each state?

Yes, you should provide a traffic history for each state you have held a licence – refer to the requirements stated in the ESQ as to requirement for 10 years etc.

Do I need to declare convictions and/or cautions from when I was under 18 (juvenile)?

Yes, you should provide as much detail as you can remember for any offences committed by you regardless of the outcome (Guilty, Not Guilty, Caution, Restorative Justice, Diversionary Conferencing).

I can't remember the exact dates of my last drug use. What should I write as my answer?

Provide as much detail as you can recall, at least stating the year will be beneficial.

If it doesn't add up, speak up. Call the National Security Hotline - 1800 123 400.

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