Dean is a proud Wonnarua man from Nowra, NSW and a participant in the 2019 Directions Program.

Why the AFP? What attracted you to apply for the Directions Program?

Ever since I was very young I've aspired to make a career in law enforcement as I've always been drawn to the idea of helping others. That's why the AFP's mission of "Policing for a Safer Australia," really resonated with me and motivated me to apply. The Directions Program not only helped me make this aspiration a reality but also very importantly, helped bring more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diversity to the organisation.

There are a lot of benefits working in the AFP; you'll always have a secure job, there's opportunity for travel within Australia and internationally and the variety of jobs available to you within the organisation is almost endless.

How did the AFP/ Directions team prepare and support you before you started?

The Directions Team, supervisors and other members of the AFP spent a lot of time in our first week talking to us about what we should expect, how we can make the most out the program and the huge amount of different support networks that are available to us.

The whole experience was very welcoming and helped ease everyone into organisation.

What 'Directions' do you see your career going?

I would like to become a sworn police officer, build up my knowledge and experience and one day become an investigator in the AFP.

How have you found the transition to Canberra?

The idea of moving to Canberra, living in and exploring a new place was very exciting, but at the same time really stressful for me. However, that was before finding out how much assistance and support I had in making the move. I received assistance from the AFP in moving to Canberra and this made the process really smooth and simple. So far my experience with the Program has been really good. I've had  so many doors opened to me, I've been exposed to a lot of cool stuff and I've met a lot of great people both in my cohort and in my business area, who are always there to offer advice and support.

I would suggest anyone of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background with an interest for the AFP or even just looking to try something different to apply and have a go. It's not something you're going to look back on and regret doing.

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