Entry level policing and Protective Service Officer recruitment gateways

All vacancies are advertised in accordance with the organisational requirements of the AFP.

Recruitment process

To get the best of the best, our selection process is one of the most comprehensive and competitive in Australia.

This rigorous process is designed to ensure applicants meet our entry requirements and have a high potential for successfully meeting the challenges and demands of a role with the AFP.

Application process

The application process involves:

  • submitting an online application and supporting documentation including a copy of your recent traffic history and a current CV
  • completing an employment character questionnaire
  • meeting the minimum requirements to proceed through the recruitment gateways.

Selection process

The selection process involves:

  • completing the online application
  • meeting required standards outlined in the Employment Character Questionnaire
  • successfully completing the pre-entry Physical Competency Assessment (PCA)
  • being deemed suitable at the assessment centre
  • gaining an AFP medical and psychological clearance
  • undergoing a urinalysis for illicit drug use
  • submitting required certificates (current certified copies of a Senior First Aid Certificate and the ability to swim 100m unaided)
  • providing your fingerprints for a number of operational and security reasons completing the relevant training program for the role in which you are being deployed.

Hints and tips

To help you prepare, here are some hints and tips:

  • Start preparing early, particularly to pass the fitness testing.
  • Practice for the aptitude and psychometric testing. You can do this by undertaking some example tests on the Revelian website.
  • Ensure that you are well rested and avoid alcohol before undertaking any of the gateways.
  • At the assessment centre it's important to respond to the questions and scenarios as honestly as possible, to enable us the best opportunity to assess how you'd react in different situations.
  • During timed tests, try to not spend too much time on any one question. If there is time remaining, you will be able to review the questions.

Make sure you read about all the gateways to ensure you're prepared for the recruitment selection process and training program.

More information

National Security Hotline

Airport Watch - Call 131 AFP