AFP Entrance Exam

Upon registering your interest, you will be invited to complete the AFP Entrance Exam.  This forms part of Step One of the process and the minimum entry gateways.

The AFP Entrance Exam is conducted four times per year at different locations across Australia.  Typically in March, May, August and October. It is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and is one component in a series of recruitment gateways that will determine applicant suitability for a policing or protection role.

You will be invited to register through the ACER website on set dates and locations across Australia. Keep an eye on your nominated email address for your invite.

The AFP Entrance Exam is comprised of five online tests (as outlined below) that are designed to assess your level of cognitive ability and emotional intelligence. The majority of questions asked are either multiple choice or short answer format, with the exception being the Online Writing Assessment.

The AFP Entrance Exam is completed in a supervised environment, over a 4-5 hour period.

Test Assessment Type Number of Questions Time Allowed
Literacy Skills Online Text Entry and Multiple Choice 30 35 mins
Numeracy Skills Online Text Entry and Multiple Choice 30 35 mins
Abstract Reasoning Online Multiple Choice 30 35 mins
Written Assessment Online Extended Writing 1 35 mins
Emotional Intelligence Test Online Multiple Choice 141 Untimed

You must successfully complete all test components in the AFP Entrance Exam and meet the minimum score for each assessment in order to be deemed suitable to progress in the recruitment process. Upon receiving your outcome, a statement of attainment will be accessible to you outlining your entrance exam results.

There is one opportunity for you to re-sit some of the tests components if you do not pass after your first sitting. Unfortunately this is not the case for the Emotional Intelligence test and if you do not attain the minimum score on your first sitting, you will have to wait 12 months before you can sit the test again.

Testing is expected to be held in the following dates and locations in 2019.

City August 2019 October 2019
Adelaide Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Alice Springs Friday 30 August Friday 25 October
Brisbane Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Canberra Friday 30 August Friday 11 October
Saturday 31 August Saturday 12 October
Darwin TBC TBC
Melbourne Saturday 31 August Saturday 26 October
Perth Friday 30 August Saturday 26 October
Sydney Saturday 17 August Saturday 12 October
Townsville TBC TBC

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