AFP fitness assessment gateway

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, fitness assessments are not occurring at this time. Alternative arrangements are currently being investigated. If you have successfully submitted your interest, please monitor your nominated email address for updates as they become available.

The AFP assessment (or Entry Physical Competency Assessment) is the assessment of your baseline level of fitness and is essential to support the inherent operational requirements of a police/protective service officer role.

Am I fit enough?

If you are fit, active, value health and live a healthy lifestyle – meeting our minimum fitness requirements should be no sweat!

The AFP fitness assessment includes:

  • Beep Test (6.5)
  • Push–ups (on your toes, with a 90deg angle in the elbow, 5cm from the ground) and
  • Phased sit-ups.

The entry benchmarks are:

  Male Female Gender X
Beep Test
(20m shuttle run)
6.5 6.5 Assessed on a case
by case basis
(90 degree angle in elbow, 5cm from ground)
15 8 Assessed on a case
by case basis
Sit-ups Level 4 Level 4 Level 4

All entry level recruits must successfully pass each component of the EPCA in one testing session. If you are applying, it's a good idea to start your fitness training now.

If you progress to training at the college, all recruits must pass the Physical Competency Assessment (PCA) which includes an increased number of push-ups and is considered to be the standard AFP fitness level.

These benchmarks are:

  Male Female Gender X
Beep Test
(20m shuttle run)
6.5 6.5 Assessed on a case
by case basis
(90 degree angle in elbow, 5cm from ground)
30 15 Assessed on a case
by case basis
Sit-ups Level 4 Level 4 Level 4

Medical requirements

To participate in the Entry Physical Competency Assessment, you are required to provide an AFP medical certificate (from your doctor) prior to undertaking the assessment. The medical certificate has a validity of three (3) months from the date of issue unless you sustain an injury or illness.

AFP Recruitment will advise when this certificate is required. It is not required to be submitted at the time of application. Download the PCA Information and Medical Certificate and take this form to your medical appointment. No other certificate templates will be accepted.

AFP pre-course fitness program

The Entry Physical Competency Assessment is a benchmark fitness level requirement prior to joining the AFP College. The standard of physical training during your stay at College is much higher than the initial fitness assessment and as such it is expected that you will be physically fit and prepared on your commencement with the AFP.

A 6 week program based on the required recruit physical fitness has been developed to help you prepare for the Pre-entry (EPCA), Physical Competency Assessment (PCA) and demands of the physical training during the College. It is highly recommended that this program be implemented as soon as possible prior to testing and/or commencement with the AFP.

The APF College Physical Training Instructors place a high importance on excellence and commitment to physical training, there is a high expectation that recruits are physically fit and mentally resilient upon commencement with the AFP.

It is recommended this program is to be completed as prescribed under the guidance of a qualified trainer.


  • Watch the below videos to ensure you are familiar with the required testing standards.
  • Start early and be prepared. Completing the 'AFP pre-course fitness program' will help to best prepare you for and beyond the fitness gateway.
  • The beep test is conducted using the Australian Sports Commission's '20m shuttle test'.
  • Find a training partner. This can be beneficial for safety purposes, help keep you on track and stay motivated.
  • The Entry Physical Competency Assessment (EPCA) is the minimum fitness standard for entry level recruits and used to assess baseline fitness only. The AFP will expect your level of fitness to be at a higher standard (at the Physical Competency Assessment (PCA) level) upon entering the AFP College to ensure you are ready for the type of physical activities and training undertaken

A breakdown of the Entry Physical Competency Assessment components and videos

Phased sit-up assessment

You are required to successfully complete up to level 4 Phased sit-up assessment. You are required to complete one valid sit-up at each level.

The correct sit-up technique is:

  • Lie flat on the floor
  • Keep both feet on the ground (at all times part of both feed must maintain contact with the ground)
  • Maintain the angle of your knees; your knees must stay at 90°
  • Do not use body momentum

Push-up assessment

You are required to successfully complete 15 valid push-ups (males) or 8 valid push-ups (females) with gender X assessed on a case by case basis.

The correct push-up technique is:

  • Toes on the ground, arms straight, hands at approximately shoulder width, legs straight and feet hip width apart
  • Lower body approximately 5 cm from the floor, with arms at a 90° angle
  • Keep body straight at all times
  • Return to the start position

Beep test

You are required to successfully complete the beep test to level 6.05.

The beep test (sometimes called a multi-stage shuttle run) requires you to run along a 20 metre track, keeping up with a series of beeps (on a recording). The frequency of the beeps starts off slowly and gradually gets faster, so it gets harder and harder to keep up with the required speed.

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