Employment suitability gateway

It is essential we secure and maintain the confidence of the Australian Government and the community, both in terms of the integrity of individual employees and the ability of the organisation to prevent and counter internal corruption and misconduct.

The AFP's values of integrity, commitment, excellence, accountability, fairness, respect and trust require AFP employees to exercise their powers and conduct themselves at all times in accordance with their legal obligations and the professional standards expected by government and the wider community.

Applicants need to be aware that a history of disregarding the law (even as a juvenile), or associating with groups or individuals who habitually attract the attention of law enforcement, may prevent you from working for the AFP.

Applicants will also be required to account for any significant periods spent living in foreign countries, or regular travel abroad to regions of interest.

The AFP employment character guidelines (PDF, 55KB) define the minimum AFP character standards for potential applicants across all AFP roles and responsibilities.

The Employment Character Questionnaire, which is completed at the time of application, aids the assessment of an applicant's character and his/her ability to comply with the AFP's professional standards both in an official and private capacity.

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