Entry Level Recruit Assessment Centre - Validation Centre

The final stage of the recruitment process for entry level recruits is the Recruit Applicant Validation Centre. This process is designed to prepare shortlisted applicants for engagement as a Police or Protective Service Officer recruit.

The Recruit Applicant Validation Centre is a mandatory component of the recruitment process and is held over a two day period (generally on a weekend) at the AFP College in Canberra.

The Recruit Applicant Validation Centre will be held at least four (4) weeks before commencement of each course and may include:

  • a tour of the AFP College
  • a medical review including a musculoskeletal examination to ensure you still meet the AFP medical standards
  • uniform fittings
  • team building activities
  • revalidation of the Physical Competency Assessment to ensure your physical fitness has been maintained
  • information sessions outlining your responsibilities as an AFP employee and provided from various AFP business areas including Health Services, Operational Safety Training and Professional Standards.

The Recruit Applicant Validation Centre ensures applicants are prepared both physically and mentally to undertake all forms of training, as well as providing applicants with valuable insight into life at the AFP College.

The Recruit Applicant Validation Centre weekend is offered to applicants who have passed through all mandatory recruitment gateways and who have been shortlisted for a scheduled training program.

Shortlisted applicants must successfully complete the Recruit Applicant Validation Centre and may then receive an offer of engagement for placement on a recruit training program. The formal letter of offer will provide details of salary, band level, the deployment location and terms and conditions of engagement.

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