Keira - ACT Policing

You are fairly new to the ACT Policing family (graduating in early 2018), what did you do before joining the AFP?

Before joining the AFP I studied Criminology at University and worked as a Youth Officer at a Juvenile Justice Centre in Sydney.

What area do you work in now?

ACT Policing – General Duties.

What was the reaction of your family/friends when you first applied for the AFP?

My family and friends were well aware of the fact that I wanted to join the AFP so my application was expected and they were fully supportive.

What was your biggest challenge whilst on the recruit course?

My biggest challenge on the recruit course was going through training after having ACL reconstruction surgery about 9 months prior. The course is very physical with fitness sessions three mornings per week along with the operational training. I struggled with getting back my confidence however by the end of the course I was good as new.

Your favourite part of the recruit course?

My favourite part of the recruit course was the amazing people that I got to share the experience with. After spending six months in each other's pockets, I truly have made some lifelong mates.

What advice would you give to someone who was not successful through the recruitment process?

It took me a handful of applications to finally get a look in. If Policing is what you really want to do then be persistent and keep applying. In the meantime look for opportunities which will improve your suitability for the job such as studying or work experience in relevant fields.

How does shift work impact you and your social life?

There are times when shift work makes it difficult to attend social events. However, for the most part if you know in advance the events that you have coming up then you can book your leave in. And to be honest, the extended days off in a row that we get makes up for the difficulty of shift work.

Where do you see yourself within 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to see myself progressing within the AFP into a position in ACT Criminal Investigations or transitioning to the National sphere as a Federal Agent.

What has really surprised you about the job?

What has really surprised me about the job is just how many avenues are available within the AFP. There are so many areas that make up the AFP that are not typically known about.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a potential new recruit?

During my application process I received a piece of advice which I received from a fellow AFP member. This advice was to make sure that I don't change the person that I am for the job. This member made a point of saying to continue playing soccer, which I have done my whole life, and to continue wearing makeup to work if that's what I want to do. This job benefits from people with diverse personalities and traits.

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