Preliminary interview gateway

You may receive an invite to complete the AFP Online Video Interview as part of our recruitment process and this is designed to assist us to understand more about you and your motivation and interest in applying for a Police or Protective Service Officer role.

The advantages of the video interview is that you can complete the assessment in your own time (in line with the timeframe stipulated), in the comfort of your own home, using your own mobile or desktop device.

While the interview is not face to face as a traditional interview may be, we still encourage you to prepare.  Read up on the AFP; who we are, what we do and to be across current affairs, in particular news feeds and media releases relating to the AFP.

Applicants for entry level recruit roles are assessed against key selection criteria being: 

Selection Criteria Description
  • Personal responsibility
  • Ability to achieve results
  • Takes responsibility for managing work projects to achieve an outcome
  • Able to respond positively to a changing environment
  • Able to review own performance and communicate outcomes
  • Clear Communication
  • Ability to listen, understand and recognise others viewpoints
  • Able to present in a clear, concise manner
  • Can focus on key points
  • Use appropriate language
  • Actively listens
  • Able to convey and structure written information effectively
  • Analytical thinking
  • Judgement
  • Understands the environment
  • Can identify issues and problems that could impact the situation
  • Able to draw on information from different sources
  • Able to undertake analysis, think laterally and improve work practices
  • Teamwork
  • Values individual differences
  • Build positive relationships with others
  • Share information with others
  • Work collaboratively
  • Operate as an effective team member
  • Recognises the different working styles of others and see things from different perspectives
  • Treat others with respect

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