Security vetting gateway

The AFP has an obligation to protect official and security classified resources and the only way to achieve this is for you to undergo for the security vetting process, which will assess your suitability to access official and classified information.

You will be required to undergo a security vetting process to gain a security clearance to the level specified for the position you are being offered. Before any formal offer of employment can be finalised, you must undergo an assessment regarding the suitability to obtain a security clearance.

To enable the AFP Personal Security Vetting Team to make an informed decision about your suitability, they need to obtain details about you and your partner (if applicable) and your partner's background (if applicable) including information such as; your employment, residential, financial and personal history.

The security vetting process will also look at your past (a minimum of ten (10) years) and whether you have a previous history of disregarding the law.

You will also be required to account for any significant periods spent living in foreign countries, or regular travel abroad to regions of interest.

All AFP employees are required to hold and maintain a minimum national security clearance – generally at the level of Negative Vetting Level 1.

Checkable Background for Security Clearance Assessments

Only Australian citizens with a checkable background are eligible for an Australian Government and/or AFP security clearance.

A vettee has an uncheckable background when the AFP cannot complete the minimum checks and inquiries for the relevant checking period (10 years), or the checks and inquiries, where able to be made, do not provide adequate assurance about the vettee's life or background. In these circumstances, the AFP may be unable to progress a security clearance.

Any vettee that has spent greater than 12 months (cumulative) out of Australia within the requisite background checking period is to be considered to have an uncheckable background. If the vettee's periods of time out of Australia cannot be verified from independent and reliable sources, the subject is to be assessed by the AFP as ineligible to be considered for an Australian Government security clearance.

For an individual to be eligible for an Australian Government security clearance, background checks should generally be able to be undertaken in Australia. It is expected that individuals undergoing an AFP security clearance will have strong, established ties to Australia.

Additional information can be found on the Protective Security Policy Framework website.

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